What You Need to Know Today: October 30

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This office workstation lets you work lying down. Unless you have an in-house dentist giving you checkups on a weekly basis, this revolutionary $5,900 workstation is about as useful as a Shake Weight. Sitting is the new smoking; standing is just as bad for you as sitting… If you think lying down is better for you than sitting or standing, I promise you, it’s not. You’d be better off smoking a cigarette while taking a jog during your 15 minute break than buying one of these (don’t do either). You get the point: inactivity is the problem. Whether you sit, stand, or lie down for long periods of time, the result is all the same. Keep reading today’s brief because I’m going to share with you a quick-and-dirty, 4-minute bodyweight workout. 

Facebook is testing out Local Market. Think Craigslist on Facebook. According toTechCrunch, there are already several communities and groups dedicated to this sort of thing on Facebook. Now, Facebook has decided to make it FB official by testing out a Local Market place, where buyers and sellers can connect with people in their area. Full details. One more reason you never have to leave Facebook… 

+ This Chrome extension allows you to try on clothes for free


LinkedIn may be annoying, but they know how to sell. Bottom line: Ad revenue only takes your business so far. LinkedIn understands the power and influence they have in the recruiting space, and they’ve successfully created a product that leverages both. Full story.  

How Uber and its peers turned us into horrible bosses. “Soon, you’ll be able to go to the Olive Garden and order your fettuccine alfredo from a tablet mounted to the table. After paying, you’ll rate the server. Then you can use that tablet to hail an Uber driver, whom you’ll also rate, from one to five stars… rating systems used by these companies have turned customers into unwitting and sometimes unwittingly ruthless middle managers, more efficient than any boss a company could hope to hire.” The Verge on why ratings are ruining us.  

+ Why performance reviews are passé. In short, managers have more options for measuring results. “The whole point [of a performance review] is to force a conversation. Many managers absolutely hate to tell employees, rigorously and honestly, where they stand. This is a way of making them do it.” — Fortune.  

++ This is how millennials will change management.


6 morning moves you should adoptThis list is great, especially #3 Draft a not-to-do list. “Make a short anti-to-do list of typical time wasters you want to avoid that day. Maybe your list includes dodging unnecessary meetings or even limiting the amount of time you spend on that ultimate time waster — email,” says Rachel Bender. “It’s counterintuitive, but I always tell clients that emails in your inbox are everyone else’s agendas. They represent what everyone wants from you — their goals and objectives. Why not start your day with your own goals and objectives?” The only thing I’d change about this list is the 7-minute workout — some of the exercises are dangerous and ineffective. Instead, swap out the 7-minute workout with this shorter 4-minute bodyweight routine.

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