What You Need to Know Today: October 23

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Drivers are being idiots with Tesla’s new autopilot feature. What sounds sexier: ‘autopilot’ or ‘assistive technology?’ Tesla is guilty of having compelling marketing, but the majority of the blame here lies on irresponsible drivers. More and more videos are surfacing on YouTube with Tesla drivers filming their close-call experiences with Tesla’s new autopilot feature. Full story.

This NYC ride-hailing app is cheaper and better than UberX.

The first ‘ethically sourced smartphone’ is not as pretentious as you might think. “With more and more similarly priced and specced Android smartphones arriving on the market, unique selling points are becoming increasingly rare,” says Andrii Degeler. In 2013, Fairphone created the first ever ‘ethically sourced smartphone,’ which minimized the use of conflict minerals and was designed and built by an ODM manufacturer in China. While this unique selling point appeals to ethically-conscious consumers, it’s probably not compelling enough to sway consumers who still care about issues like conflict-mining, but will still buy the latest iPhone or Samsung smartphone when they have the choice. However, earlier this year, Fairphone announced a new unique feature that has the potential to sway more of these on-the-fence consumers. If you recall the story I shared with you about Drinkwell and how they managed to sell clean water to the poor, I think the Fairphone 2 offers similar immediate benefits to its consumers.


Meet the duo that made eating your vegetables cool again. “If they have a philosophy, it’s that veganism shouldn’t be precious, difficult or expensive. It’s a message that resonates with Thug Kitchen’s very passionate readers, who are in touch on Facebook and through emails. A truck driver wrote he takes their food with him on the road; a woman said that her husband is now cooking with her, because TK’s prose makes him laugh.” The New York Times wrote an article all about Thug Kitchen’s rise to the top.

Here’s why this popular grocery store chain is strategically reducing customer’s choices.

19 startups that could make you a millionaire if you got hired todayThis list is a goldmine of ideas for what kind of products and services people want. Know of any fast-growing businesses that didn’t make the list? Email us at daily@earlytorise.com.


Facebook 15 and Twitter 20. Who’d have guessed sitting hunched over at a computer for 18 hours straight, eating Smarties, and drinking Red Bull would be bad for your health? Fortune discusses the health epidemic happening right now in Silicon Valley.

Interviewer: What could we learn from James Bond that would help us in our day-to-day lives? Daniel Craig: [Thinks for a short while.] Nothing. The Red Bulletin might have the most candid interview with the 007 star yetSpectre hits theatres Monday.

Here’s how to live like James Bond.

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Fifty Shades of Red

What’s the deal with people drinking blood? Here’s your answer from a guy who actually interviewed vampires (not Christian Slater).

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