What You Need to Know Today: October 20

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Home health care just got a lot cooler. “What if you could hold the power of your health in your hands? You could recover from injuries faster. Elevate your mood. And keep your immune system and bones strong by balancing your body…” This is the start of a promo video for Cue — a deep-health tracker (think: fitbit but wayyy more advanced). Watch this.  

Amazon finally thought of a comeback… And no, it wasn’t Jerk Store. But it might as well have been. Do you remember the story the New York Times published about the poor working conditions at Amazon? Well, yesterday Amazon’s current communications VP Jay Carney finally thought of a comeback, which he publishedon Medium. Shortly after the post was published, NYT executive editor Dean Baquetresponded to Carney’s contentions with a letter also published on Medium. I know you have better things to do then read these two letters, so let me draw your attention to the real winner here. Next Draft’s Dave Pell said it best, “Baquet runs the country’s most notable newspaper and Carney’s boss owns The Washington Post, but they both posted on Medium. In the battle between big business and big media, an easy-to-use content management system comes out the winner.” 


Why do entrepreneurs go broke? “I’ve got a confession to make: I love reading about business owners who went broke. And luckily for me there’s a new trend where business owners share their sordid story in public… You might think this is weird. Or strange. But I do it for one important reason: I’m paranoid about my own business failing, too. Not “unhealthy paranoid.” I just look for mistakes other people made so I don’t make those same mistakes. Makes sense, right? Right. Now, what was the BIGGEST mistake? Well…” Find out in Derek Halpern’s latest Social Triggers post.

How to get a raise — even if you just got turned down. “Ninety-five percent of people who read this will never give it a try. You may be the exception. If you are, you will see dramatic results. Your income will improve in six months or less — and it will keep improving thereafter.” Mark Ford shares his 5-step plan for getting a raisein today’s featured essay.


Don’t look and don’t touchNew study finds your BFF’s #Foodstagrams are making you fat

What people are talking about… Been dancin’ to “Hotline Bling” all wrong. 

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Book Review — Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success  

By Deborah Friedell, The London Review of Books 

“… if Trump had just put his father’s money in a mutual fund that tracked the S&P 500 and spent his career finger-painting, he’d have $8 billion.”  

“Even when his projects fail — his golf course in Aberdeenshire, to take one example, has lost £3.5 million over the last two years — he makes money through letting other people put his name on their projects: no risk, little work, just a licensing fee upfront or a share of the profits. He doesn’t actually own the Trump Taj Mahal or Trump Palace or Trump Place or Trump Plaza or Trump Park Avenue or Trump Soho, or the many Trump buildings throughout South America, Turkey, South Korea and the Caucasus.” Read more.

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