What You Need to Know Today: October 15

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What to do while you wait… “The unprecedented influx of migrants to Europe, driven by the war in Syria, has created a massive backlog for authorities tasked with sorting out the new arrivals,” says Emily Feldman. “As they figure out who’s who, where each person came from, whether they should be permitted to stay and where there is space to accommodate them, migrants have little else to do, but wait.” And what better way to wait than learn how to code? That’s what these two entrepreneurs believe. Here’s a fascinating story about making the best out of a bad situation.   

The cost of Snapchat sponsored lenses. Can you guess how much a sponsored lense for Snapchat costs? On holidays, you can expect to pay $700,000 a day. If that seems high to you, take a minute and look at these numbers. A 30-second ad during this year’s Super Bowl cost $4.5 million. 114.4 million viewers tuned-in.Snapchat claims to pull 16 million viewers on holidays. I’ll let you do the math to figure out which ones cheaper. But, from my estimate, Snapchat’s not far off. Plus, snap-chatters can replay sponsored snaps, something you can’t easily do on TV.  

Yesterday I shared an update about Facebook’s plans to take on YouTube. Today, Facebook is reportedly testing a new app that could bring down Twitter.


Cue the next Malcolm Gladwell book. You probably heard this story last week, about the prison debate team that defeated Harvard’s debate team. It was the perfect underdog story we all love to read. But, if Malcolm Gladwell has taught us anything, it is that we should not underestimate the underdog (Gladwell’s entire premise for David and Goliath). Well, Gladwell got beat to the punch this time. Cal Newport, best-selling author of So Good They Can’t Ignore You, offers his take on the upset and a productivity lesson you can’t ignore.  

+ How the most productive people procrastinate.


Scientists might have accidentally found the cure to cancer.  

The truth about the “Marathon-Bod” is finally getting the attention it derserves.

Donald Trump’s Yin-to-his-Yang. Behind the Trump throne.  

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