What You Need to Know Today: October 14

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Facebook is testing a new video feed. “Select users will see the “Messenger” button in Facebook’s iPhone app replaced by “Videos.” On desktop, the video tab will be listed on the left side of the news feed, under “Favorites.” For users who want to browse other content while watching a video, Facebook is also testing a floating screen that moves around as they multitask,” reports Fast Company

Give it to us straight, coach. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey didn’t sugarcoat the bad news yesterday, when he told his staff that 336 employees (8% of staff) were getting cut. The 353-word email is clear and direct. Take a minute and read it — this is how top leaders communicate with their teams. 

Whole Foods enters the 21st century. “Today the high-end grocery chain is announcing a partnership with business enterprise software company Infor to build out a cloud-based platform for Whole Foods to help with its merchandising and supply chain,” reports Fortune.  “The word on the street is everyone is selling the same food. Well, they ain’t,” says Whole Foods co-CEO Walter Robb. “I know there’s a difference. I want to communicate the difference and sell the difference, and we’re partnering with technology to do it.” An interesting move by the grocer.Full story.  

Google, are you recording this? Google: Yes. Did you know that every time you use Google to voice-search, Google records your voice and saves it… If that’s not creepy enough, check out this article that tells you everything Google is tracking and how you can delete it.  


“I like to make promises that I’m not sure I can keep, and then figure out how to keep them.” – Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal and author of #GirlBoss. If you don’t know Amoruso’s story, I highly recommend listening to this. When Amoruso was 22 years old, she started selling vintage clothes on eBay. She learned how to sell by reading a Sell on eBay — For Dummies book. Her first big sale was an $8 designer-leather-jacket that sold for over $1000. From there, she launched an e-commerce website, called Nasty Gal  — she had to acquire the domain name from a porn site. She says she spent $8,000 on a broker to do this —  the best $8,000 investment she’s ever made. And now, at age 31, she’s worth over $250 million.  

20 habits of eventual millionaires. Solve difficult gratitude problems — “This is a practice. When angry, or stressed, find one thing to be grateful for. Where is the practice? Is this really so hard. The hard part is noticing that you are angry and stressed. It’s the difference between being scared in a movie and saying, ‘wait, it’s just a movie.'” James Altucher lists his 20 habits to success. My guess is you already know you should be practicing gratitude, but for some reason (read: excuse) you don’t — I know because I struggle practicing it myself. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of one of these. Part of the struggle is not knowing where to start. This guide will show you the steps.  

+ One more reason to learn how to tell a compelling story


Tip: how to rise early. I heard this from Lou Dalo — one of Eben Pagan’s business partners. To get up early, Lou says, schedule an embarrassing Tweet of Facebook post that will go out at a certain time every morning. In order to stop the message from going out, you must get up before it sends to cancel it. 

What are all the kids jamming to these days? Yacht-rock — exactly what you imagine.

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If this isn’t the nerdiest thing you can do…

Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder is often credited as one of the creators of Segway Polo. Wozniak most recently played in July’s Segway Polo World Cup in Cologne, Germany, says Business Insider.  

Here are 7 more unusual hobbies of super successful people 

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