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One trip here can get you more matches on Tinder. “When it comes to Tinder, your photos are everything. Curating the perfect collection of pictures, however, can be challenging. You want to seem fun, smart, put together and, of course, attractive. So what do you do when you’re not all of those things, or maybe you are, but can’t quite capture the qualities in a photo?” (Observer). You plan a trip here.  

This could save Twitter. “It’s those that control discovery [of the news] that have all the power,” says Ben Thompson. “Google was the first and biggest beneficiary of this shift, but Google has always been more about intentional discovery as opposed to directed browsing. On the flipside, Facebook excels at serendipitous discovery, but if you actually want to get informed about what is happening, without knowing what you want to know, then it’s not clear what is the best answer.” Ben Thompson explains why Twitter’s Moments feature could save the company.  

Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix all have this one thing in common. Here’s what the future of streaming looks like.  

Meet the former NFL-player-turned-entrepreneur who created a FitBit for your mouth


Why you should talk to the person flying next to you. “Many years ago, I was flying to Los Angeles on a business trip for a digital video advertising company I was building. I ended up sitting next to a Verizon corporate employee on the flight who was in charge of the streaming video business. After telling him about the company I was in the process of starting, he told me…” Mollie Spilman, chief revenue officer at Criteo shares her story in Fortune’s Entrepreneur Insider question of the week, “How can a connection with a stranger lead to your next business success?” Full story.  

Do American’s work too much? This story will make you wish you worked outside the U.S.  

Give your brain a mental workout today — 33 websites that will make you smarter


The CEO who brought you Sexy Cecil the Lion and Sexy Pizza Rat. “Chances are you’ve seen photos of the Sexy Pizza Rat and Sexy Cecil the Lion (and Sexy Donald Trump and Sexy Minion and Sexy Lobster, and I can go on and on…) costumes floating around the internet. They all come from one place: Yandy.com. With thousands of designs and a penchant for sexualizing even the most chaste fleeting pop culture figures, Yandy finds itself in the news year after year for their skimpy, absurd Halloween costumes.” Maxim caught up with Yandy CEO, Chad Horstman to chat about the huge success Yandy is having.

Call her fat. I dare you. A story everyone is talking about… Ronda Rousey’s next fight won’t be in the octagon.

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Why Ugly Websites Make More Money

From CrazyEgg

1) The One Thing All High-Converting Websites Have

Without it, you won’t be retaining visitors or converting anyone.

We’re talking about value.

All websites need to have a strong value proposition if they wish to attract and retain users. Crazy Egg’s offers a top-of-the-line heatmap software for a reasonable price — that’s its value proposition.

Google offers you highly relevant search results for any keyword or phrase you search.

The better your offer to users are, the more likely you are to have a high conversion rate — ugly website design or not. Click here for more reasons why ugly websites convert best.

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