What You Need to Know Today: May 7

Good evening, Early Risers




First mini-robotic printer is now available. Classic printers might as well be placed next to DVDs on the soon-to-be-obsolete list. But ZutA Labs has reinvented the classic printer with this really cool pocket-sized printer. It connects wirelessly to any device and can print any size paper. For everyone who still loves a good old fashioned print-out, watch this.


Reddit co-founder announces Reddit videos coming soon. Reddit – every millennial’s go-to news source – has just announced at the Disrupt NY tech convention it will be creating its own content. Reddit will start by turning the popular Ask Me Anything threads into video formats. Read more here.



Hilarious way to teach readers new website redesign. Another go-to news source millennials love is The Onion – a popular satire news site. The Onion recently redesigned their website and, in classic Onion fashion, wrote a hilarious article explaining the reasons behind the redesign, proving both entertaining and useful. A fresh take on customer service we could all benefit from learning.


Once you see these words, you can’t unsee them. Open any document you have drafted on your desktop, and find a sentence with that in it. Read it out loud. Now read it again without that. If the sentence works without it, delete it (Business Insider). Here are 14 more words to eliminate from your vocabulary to sound smarter.

Personal Development

Whole Foods announcement is good news for all. Whole Foods announced yesterday it plans to open stores catered to shoppers in their 20s and 30s who can’t afford their current prices but still want organic and premium food products. The store’s announcement came after some “sputtering growth” numbers. What we’re starting to see is a shift in values about food quality. McDonald’s is experiencing similar stalls in growth, whereas Chipotle and Panera Bread – both restaurants who value fresh produce – keep growing.




Keith Richards laid down one of the greatest pop hooks of all time on May 7, 1965, in a Clearwater, Florida, motel room. Name that song?

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