What You Need to Know Today: May 4

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Transformy makes transforming lists easy. Re-arranging lists of data in excel can be tedious and slow. Transformy is a super useful free web app that allows you to transform any list of data, no matter what type, into the order you desire. Bookmark this page for future reference.


Why the world will miss Dave Goldberg. Shocking news on Saturday when 47 year old CEO of SurveyMonkey Dave Goldberg died. Goldberg was the loving husband of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and father of two children. Dave’s philosophy on life is something we can all learn from. Here’s a great article celebrating the life of Dave Goldberg.

Ben Franklin’s rules for life prove timeless. When Ben Franklin was 20 years old he was not much different than you or I. He struggled with managing money, he procrastinated, and was often disappointed with inconsistencies in his life. Franklin’s solution was to create rules for his life. Here are the 4 Rules of the Greatest American.

Personal Development

Instead of a 5 year plan, try a 1,825 day plan. New research reveals goal planning in days, hours, and minutes is more effective versus planning goals in years. “For the 162 study participants, a goal months away seemed 29.7 days earlier when that was the unit of measurement used. When researchers changed a years-long goal to months, respondents thought it was 8.7 months shorter.” (Elite Daily)

‘Short attention spans’ is a myth and here’s why.  “…it’s not that we all suddenly have short attention spans; it is that we have short attention spans when we are using a web browser.  Now this might seem like a point so obvious it is benign, but when the amount of time we spend online is more than 6.15 hours a day, and rising, it is anything but,” says Adam Westbrook of The Memo. Adam wrote a very thought provoking article about concentration and how “short attention spans” are shaping the work/art we produce.

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