What You Need to Know Today: May 26

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Here’s what you need to know today


Time Warner’s grade school problems could end soon. When the teacher calls on Matthew and three Matthews in the class stand up…this is how Time Warner feels almost every day. “Time Warner Cable is not Time Warner, which – believe it or not – is an entirely different media conglomerate that owns Warner Bros., HBO, etc. The two companies are confused all the time, which is not great for Time Warner because Time Warner Cable is one of the most hated brands in the US.” (Quartz). Charter Communications announced it is buying Time Warner Cable for $55.1 billion. If Time Warner Cable is renamed Charter, then the biggest winner might be Time Warner.

The untold story behind Blackberry. Losing the Signal: The Untold Story Behind the Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall of BlackBerry goes on sale today in the US. The book was co-written by two of Toronto’s Globe and Mail reporters Jacquie McNish and Sean Silcoff. The New York Times caught up with McNish and Silcoff to ask some questions about the book. Read the full QnA.


The most important list you should start building today. Inc. magazine recently published an article titled “The Most Important Site for Entrepreneurs Today.” The story is about Product Hunt and how it came to be. One thing to note: Product Hunt’s inception can be attributed to one list. Craig Ballantyne, Ryan Holiday, and nearly every successful entrepreneur online will tell you to start building this list today. Read the full story here.

How to survive being an overnight success. An appearance in the Tank sounds like a dream come true to most entrepreneurs, but the truth is your 15 seconds of fame could cripple your business. The Wall Street Journal wrote a story about one woman’s product featured on Shark Tank and the rarely talked about aftermath.

Personal Development

I’d be crazy enough to use one of these…if it had a shower. “One way to address work/life balance is to just eliminate it entirely.” – Fast Company. All the rage these days is Sleeping Pods. If you thought taking your work home was bad, try never leaving the office. Though I wouldn’t recommend it, here’s a how-to guide on sleeping in your office from a guy who slept in his office for 6 months.


True or False: Does alcohol help you play better pool?

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