What You Need to Know Today: May 18

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An Excel template for every occasion. ‘There’s an app for that’ seems to be the answer to almost every mundane task, especially budgeting. If you’re not a fan of contemporary apps for budgeting or prefer the classic Excel spreadsheet, ‘there’s a MakeUseOf list for you.’ Here are 12 Excel templates from personal finance – business payroll.

Google will compete with Amazon and e-Bay. “Google plans to begin testing “buy buttons” that live inside the ads it puts above its normal search results. These sponsored results will reportedly take you to a special purchasing page that’s still hosted by Google where you can pick what type of product you want, and how soon you want to get it — all without leaving Google itself” (WSJ). The “buy buttons” will only be tested on mobile browsers, watch for these in upcoming weeks. Read more here.


Work-life balance still exists…and 3 more politically-incorrect truths. If you believe work-life balance no longer exists – most businesses do – you are lying to yourself. The struggle is definitely real but it’s something we can easily fix by applying Personal Rules and the The 3C Formula to our days. Don’t believe The New Rules of Work…these are not entirely true and they promote helpless attitudes, something ETR readers do not have.

Teens being paid $100,000 to drop-out of college. In 2010 PayPal co-founder, Peter Thiel launched the Thiel Fellowship program, awarding $100K each to 20 teens, each year, who decided to drop-out of college. The slogan: “Some ideas can’t wait,” has become a beacon for young entrepreneurs. What’s interesting about this story is the problems these teens face: “One kid raised $40,000 and had a first date on the same day.” Read this eye-opening article: The Real Teens of Silicon Valley.

Personal Development

Tim Cook follows ETR Core Values: #1 Apple CEO Tim Cook gave the commencement address to George Washington U grads this weekend. You can read the highlights here. One thing you’ll notice is Cook’s vision for Apple follows ETR’s Core Values: #1 – Improve the Lives of Others – We teach valuable skills and foster the application of these skills so our readers and employees can improve their lives. Never forget who we are trying to help and what we are trying to accomplish. It is all about helping our readers and clients transform their lives.


In 2012, what company raised $16 billion in the largest tech IPO in U.S. history?

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