What You Need to Know Today: May 14

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“IIIAF is the newest drug on the market…” says author Jon Goodman in his latest article about what makes blog posts go viral. Goodman: “Everybody who takes any action online wants to feel like they appear: IIIAF.” Click here to find out why real businesses don’t go “viral,” the 3 things these businesses should do instead, and what the heck IIIAF means.


Up your budgeting game immediately with this app. The biggest mistake I see budgeting apps (read: any app) make is they offer too many features. This only confuses users, and the apps quickly lose their appeal and practicality. Level Money is not your typical budgeting app for the same reason the Gem design paperclip still exists.


How many of these productivity tips are you using? Dr. Travis Bradberry wrote an article featuring 11 things ultra-productive people do differently. #1 and #5 on his list are critical in protecting your most valuable asset. See how many you use – I know ETR editor Craig Ballantyne uses at least 10 out 11.

Personal Development

This piece of string is better for your health than any Smart Watch. A new study found a piece of string is better at monitoring your body mass than the gold standard Body Mass Index (no, this is not a joke). The study found this simple string technique was significantly more accurate at predicting health vs. BMI calculators.

These 5 subreddits will make your life better. Betabeat editor-at-large Ryan Holiday has done some heavy lifting for us by sharing his most useful subreddits he follows. From history to relationships, Holiday covers all his bases with this helpful post.


Who did President Thomas Jefferson commission to lead an expedition into what is now the U.S. Northwest on this day in 1804?

Click here for answer.

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