What You Need to Know Today: March 4

Good afternoon, Early Risers!

Here’s what you need to know


Steph Curry just launched a tech startup. “NBA superstar Stephen Curry has launched his own startup aimed at helping athletes optimise their social media channels and engage more efficiently with fans,” says The Drum. Here’s what you need to know.

+ Guess how much Steph Curry is worth to Under Armour? Answer. Wow.

++ Quiz: Can we guess your age and income, based solely on the apps on your phone? This is surprisingly accurate.


Real-world blueprint for a $5-million week. In 2004 Ramit Sethi started a blog in his dorm room. It was just a hobby, he says, and had no idea it would turn into a “real” business — but it did. Fast forward 12 years and Ramit’s financial blog is now a multi-million-dollar business. Tim Ferriss recently interviewed Ramit and asked him to dig into the details of his most recent success: a $5-million week. Click here to read the full post.

How to excel at anything. “No matter what you’re trying to accomplish: invest in yourself, practice regularly, and give yourself permission to be bad,” says Derek Halpern. That last tip might be the most important of all. Halpern explains.

“We’ve made it very hard for parents to embarrass their children,” said Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel at a conference in January. Bloomberg dives into how Snapchat built a $16 billion business by confusing olds.


3 things to consider when making life-size decisions. “There are three things to consider when making life-size decisions: what makes you happy; what’s smart (long-term good for you); what’s useful to others. We have a tendency to forget one of these,” says Derek Sivers. When your life plan feels unsatisfying this is an easy way fix it.


Why competition is king.

He doesn’t play games and he doesn’t do politics. Conan O’Brien is the constant in late night’s chaos, says The Washington Post. “What does it mean that there are literally more talk-show hosts than active jurors in America right now?” O’Brien jokes. “Oddly enough,” he says, “it’s liberating to have so many competitors.” Find out why Conan O’Brien is becoming the most talked about late night host.

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