What You Need to Know Today: June 4

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You’ll never look at #Instafood the same. Last week Google unveiled a project called Im2Calories that uses Google’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) software to count calories in photos. Something to note was Google’s Ready. Fire. Aim. approach to launching the software: “If it only works 30 percent of the time, it’s enough that people will start using it, we’ll collect data, and it’ll get better over time.” Read the full article here.

MSN Messenger days are back. Running home from school to login to your MSN Messenger used to be cool…well you can start running again because virtual chat tools are back. Slack – the increasingly popular chat tool businesses are using – seems to be spilling over into users personal lives now too. What’s surprising is it’s by choice which says a lot about the product.


“If you are young and you have any ambition, you leave France,” said a young Frenchman talking about how France is a Dead Country. France is not the only European country millennials are not satisfied with. Pew research: “When asked whether they thought children in their country would be better off financially than their parents once they grow up, only 38% of young British, 37% of young Germans and 15% of young French were optimistic.” Click here to see where millennials are moving.

Personal Development

The truth about donations. Bestselling author, Malcolm Gladwell went nuts on Twitter yesterday, after Wall Street billionaire, John Paulson, donated $400 million to Harvard. I doubt Gladwell would have preferred seeing the money go to Red Cross after the shocking truth about how Haiti donations were spent. Interestingly, millennials point of view on donations also differs. Millennials are more likely to donate to a cause if they’re asked to make an “investment,” not a “donation.” Find out why here.


June 4th 1976 four dozen people witnessed “The gig that changed the world.” What band did they see play?

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