What You Need to Know Today: June 3

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Facebook tests canned messages. Facebook announced today it is testing “Saved Replies.”Here’s the problem: millennials views on customer service are different from boomers. You’ve heard millennials are not brand-loyal but experience-loyal, this is true. An example: “Generation Y views business travel not as a necessary evil but as a perk and an opportunity to view the world,” says Jay Coldren, Marriott VP of Lifestyle Brands. Millennials don’t want a canned reply to their product inquiry. Brands need to seize the opportunity of providing experiential customer service if they want to secure millennial business.

Pinterest nixes affiliate links. In February, Pinterest suddenly started pulling affiliate links from pins. Why? Speculation was the app planned to launch in-app purchasing. It appears this is true as Pinterest announced today its launch of in-app buyable pins. This begs the question: will Instagram follow suite? Several Insta-celebs have successfully leveraged their followers to secure advertising deals with major fashion and beauty products.


Would a millennial hire you? “It was a big morning for Mic — the company announced it has raised $17 million in new funding, and it’s hired Madhulika Sikka, previously executive editor at NPR News.” Mic’s decision to hire Sikka explains some of the core values of millennial CEOs, mainly diversity and willingness to adapt and embrace 21st century practices. Read the full update here.

Personal Development

TL:DR…the truth about how Gen-Y reads. Too Long: Didn’t Read is not entirely true. Millennials are often typecast as having attention spans 140 characters in length. Turns out this could be true for entire towns. The #truth is my generation are a bunch of ‘news junkies,’ consuming on average 72 minutes of news per day. The difference between how millennials read and generations past is this.

Why the ‘wife bonus’ is ridiculous. Ever since the release of Wednesday Martin’s book Primates of Park Avenue, the term ‘wife bonus’ has stirred up a lot of discussion on the value of mothers and parental duties. Upon further research into millennial parenting, I came across an interesting article which disproves the influence a parent actually has in a child’s development. Malcolm Gladwell wrote a long but compelling essay about a ground-breaking 1998 review paper debunking psychologists current beliefs on parental influence. Here’s a shorter articlesummarizing these surprising findings.


The NHL Stanley Cup Finals kicks off tonight with the Chicago Blackhawks taking on the Tampa Bay Lightning (8 p.m. Eastern, NBC).

5 years ago today, what famous Canadian hockey sportscaster saved a man from drowning in the Delaware river in Philadelphia?

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