What You Need to Know Today: June 25

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Here’s what you need to know today


This story will change your views about texting. If texting could save lives…apparently, it can. Nancy Lublin, founder of Crisis Text Line, knows first hand how powerful texts can be. “It cuts right to the chase. You don’t get hyperventilating and crying. You just get facts. By the third message they’re spilling their guts.” For all the times texting has made you mad, here’s the silver lining.

Getting schooled by #pros. “Have you ever wondered why Instagram created the 1:1 photo ratio? Why didn’t they allow various ratio photos to be uploaded? Instagram is all about the most creative, smart and compelling content you can see on social media. With this, the platform catches users’s attention.” – 7 things advertisers can learn from pro Instagrammers.


Most annoying restaurant trend happening now. “What was originally a group dining experience becomes a group exercise in guilt,” says Roberto Ferdman. We’ve all experienced what Ferdman is talking about. And it’s number 17 on this list of things restaurant staff should never do. Have you experienced this before? Does this trend bother you? Tell me in the comments.

+ If you’re in the customer service industry, here’s how to create memorable customer experiences.

“Sell me this pen.” In The Wolf of Wall Street there’s a famous scene where Jordan Belfort (Leonardo Dicaprio) is in a diner with his future sales team. He asks them to sell him a pen. Almost everyone overthinks the simple task. Only after Belfort reveals the secret to selling the pen does it become obvious how to sell anything. Here’s the secret explained: replace pen with toothbrush and see how you do.

Personal Development

The day innocence died. Today is Draft Day in the NBA. 30 teams will select who they think will be the next Michael Jordan. In 1986, the Boston Celtics thought they nailed it, and some people still believe they did. But, we’ll never truly know since 2nd pick,  Len Bias, died tragically two days after the draft. In what reads like a soap opera, Bias’s story is a cautionary tale to young athletes everywhere.

“Shut up!” Yelled President Ronald Regan to a heckler in San Diego in 1980. The crowds reaction was exactly like what President Barrack Obama experienced yesterday, shutting down a heckler by saying, “This is my house…” It is nice to see fight from the President, but it’s important we don’t let these outbursts overshadow the real issue at hand. Obama’s speech was about LGBT Pride Month. Here’s an interesting article Fast Company wrote about the challenges Gay couples face while traveling.

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