What You Need to Know Today: June 2

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Here’s what you need to know today


If you’re reading this, it’s not too late. Rumor has it, millennials’s favorite emo rapper has been offered $19M to DJ Apple’s new music streaming service. Apple’s move to on-demand music streaming this month has been prompted by declining iTune song sales. After reading some of Apple’s plans to dominate the music streaming space, I predict Drake will be tweeting pathetic pleas like Jay-Z after Tidal only made ripples in it’s debut. What do you think? Tell us your predictions about Apple’s music streaming service in the comments.

Amazon to take on grocery stores. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal Amazon has plans to sell its own private groceries and perishable food. “The goods will presumably be made available via the AmazonFresh service, which is currently available in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.” (The Verge). What does this mean for local mom-and-pop grocers? Opportunity. The opportunity to offer more premium and grassroots story-driven products, consumers can feel good about purchasing.


How to make a million dollars. Mimi and Alex Ikonn built a million dollar beauty business after watching women put in hair extensions on YouTube. “They seemed much happier after getting extensions,” Alex said. “Whenever there are strong emotions about something you know there is an opportunity.” From this idea, Mimi and Alex started making videos on YouTube about hair and beauty products. Here’s their blueprint for making one million dollars.

This notebook is not for everyone. “How does a paper notebook maker transform its business to cope in our rapidly changing digital world? It’s a similar question to the one faced by hordes of traditional companies over the last decade. But for Moleskine, led by a charismatic Italian businessman with a background in luxury goods and fashion, the answer was obvious. Don’t change.” Read this insightful story about Moleskine’s vision to bridging our physical and digital worlds and who their real target customer is (not who you’d think).

Personal Development

What flooding in Austin has taught us. “Anything can have meaning, Viktor Frankl once said, if it changes you for the better,” writes Ryan Holiday who was stuck in a 4X4’ storm shelter waiting for a Tornado to pass in Austin, Texas last week. Holiday’s story reminds us we always have two choices when faced with obstacles. Read his full story here.


“Oh Captain! My Captain!”

On June 2, 1989 “The Dead Poets Society” was released in theatres. What attracted Robin Williams to the role of John Keating?

  1. Williams had a teacher like Keating growing up?

  2. Williams always wished he’d had a teacher like Keating?

  3. Williams had a family connection to Keating?

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