What You Need to Know Today: June 15

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Here’s what you need to know today


Hillary Clinton Rap Genius. On Saturday, Hillary Clinton addressed America in her “official launch” campaign held on Roosevelt Island, in New York City. Yesterday, Hillary’s campaign announced it will allow people to annotate and leave comments on the speech she delivered. (Try it here). The annotation service Genius, formerly known as Rap Genius, is a go-to tool for music fanatics wanting to decipher lyric of their favorite artists. An interesting campaigning strategy meant to increase social engagement with plugged-in voters, we’ll see how it pays off.

What are the most interesting people reading every day? A question Werner Hansen asked and built a solution to. Kite is said to be “the Instagram of news.” The app taps into your social network and followers to curate the top stories your friends and followers are reading, sharing, and commenting on. What separates Kite from Flipboard and other news apps is it doesn’t use algorithms, which is better, here’s why.


4 things new entrepreneurs need to consider. Dr. Dre is the first billionaire rapper. Not because of his talent, but because he struck a balance between new and old. Beats by Dre headphones were not “disruptive,” a word commonly preached by new entrepreneurs and VCs. Instead, the Dr. built a better mousetrap. Here’s 4 things new entrepreneurs need to consider in order to differentiate from other startups.

No team? No idea? No problem. Entrepreneur First (EF) is a venture capital firm that invests in people “pre-idea,” “pre-team.” What are the qualifications? “They recruit the top computer science and engineering graduates, which are a key ingredient to any new disruptive startup,” says Toby Koppel, an investor and co-founder of London-based Mosaic Ventures. Although a degree is not required to apply, EF has a very tough vetting process with a third of applicants quitting before reaching the final stages.

Personal Development

The Terminator will give you directions in your Zipcar. 40% of millennials say they would be more devastated losing their phone than their car. For the shared economy, owning a car is a low priority. Zipcar, Uber, and public transportation in major cities are making young drivers less interested in buying and more interested in paying for experiences. Nevertheless, today, Waze the popular GPS traffic app announced drivers will be able to “Get down!” and take directions from the Governator himself.

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