What You Need to Know Today: June 12

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Dating app that puts her in the driver’s seat tops 1 Million. Bumble, the dating app founded by ex-Tinder employees, announced that its female users have started more than one million conversations on the platform. (TechCrunch) Why is this a big deal? What sets Bumble apart from other swipe-dating apps is it reverses stereotypical gender roles. If a girl matches with a guy, the girl has 24 hours to break the ice or she’ll lose him forever.

If it’s good enough for Jerry and Nike…When Jerry Seinfeld first started performing, his goal was to become a better comedian. To do that he needed to write better jokes. And to write better jokes, he needed to write everyday. Jerry’s strategy, “Don’t Break the Chain,” helped him become the funny man we all love, and his strategy gained praise by productivity gurus and writers everywhere. A new app called Streaks, endorsed by Seinfeld and Nike, has taken the  “Don’t Break the Chain” strategy and applied it to help individuals form new habits.


29-year old tailor knows how to hustle. Combatant Gentlemen is the Warby Parker of stylish, affordable, suits. The company offers top-quality suits at competitive prices by cutting out the middleman, and retailing, for now, only online. It’s easy to look at Vishaal Melwani’s story and think how fortunate he was growing up with a father who was a tailor and who at one point owned 30 Versace storefronts across the country, but it’s been Melwani’s relentless huslte that’s brought his company the early success. Read the full story.

Millennial and college dropout revolutionizing the US medical industry. “We would take these stem cells we created from the skin cells and turn them into heart cells on a dish,” she told Mic. “They’re your own cells, there is no risk for your body to reject them,” said 24-year-old Divya Nag. Nag is the founder of two companies: The first, Stem Cell Theranostics; the second, StartX Med, a nonprofit medical entrepreneurship program for Stanford students and alumni. Read her amazing and inspirational story.

Personal Development

“Every society has its rites of passage…But the major rite of passage in our society is unritualized,” says David Brooks in his NYT op-ed How Adulthood Happens. Brooks believes the struggles we go through in our twenties are what make us resilient as adults. “This phase is a thing. It’s a not a sentence to a life of video games, loneliness and hangovers. It’s a rite of passage that makes people strong.” Though I’d like to believe Brooks theory is true, I think there’s a larger problem we’re not addressing in all this.
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