What You Need to Know Today: June 11

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Here’s what you need to know today


Post hoc ergo propter hoc. “after this, therefore because of this” is a logical fallacy that perfectly describes the mess 10 selfie-loving tourists are in after an earthquake of magnitude 5.9 hit Mount Kinabalu on Friday. “…10 tourists who stripped at the top of Mount Kinabalu on May 30 and are now being held in police custody with three others from the group, according to Malaysian officials, who say their actions disrespected the mountain and caused the earthquake.” Full story.

Reddit revolt. 5 offensive subreddits were banned for infringing reddit’s anti-harassment guidelines yesterday. “The site announced its anti-harassment policy last month, a decade into its existence, but only yesterday acted on it to the extent of wiping entire forums.” (Wired). As you can imagine some users were outraged, going as far to say, “If this is the beginning of the end of Reddit, then Reddit deserves to die.The upvote to all this? Several Reddit alternatives have been thrust into the spotlight. Unfortunately, these alternatives are having trouble keeping up with the influx of traffic.


F-reading pattern.  “The F-shaped reading pattern was first described in a 1997 study by Jakob Nielsen, which found that people only read the top part of a web page (or email) in full. As they move down the page, they begin to scan the page more quickly. They’ve pretty much stopped reading your email at this point.” There’s a formula to beat this and keep readers engaged. Here’s how you do it.

The real O.G.’s of startup culture. The original gangsters of startup culture were two brothers who understood one crucial idea that all good startups use today. Here’s how they literally crashed and burned their way to success.

Personal Development

So you are young, ambitious, confident and you want to be a millionaire? “If you have a mission or vision for your business, keep your overhead as low as possible. For example, in 2015, you no longer need to have a downtown office to verify your legitimacy,” writes Lewis Howes on how to be frugal as a starting entrepreneur. Howes put together a comprehensive list of 10 lifehacks for aspiring millennial millionaires.

I can’t even begin to explain how embarrassing this is. A word gaining notoriety as the millennial mantra is flat out embarrassing. “Can’t” has become the word of choice by our generation to describe our ‘loss of words.’ The New York Times wrote a story summarizing this face-palm worthy trend. If you’re as embarrassed as I am, you won’t feel so bad when you read these 53 slang terms from the 1920s – present, these are the real McCoy ;).

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