What You Need to Know Today: June 1

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Should you trust UberEATS? Yes. Here’s why: UberEATS is just the tip of the iceberg for what Uber can do. Having a smoked meat sandwich delivered to your office within 4 minutes, sounds like a horror story waiting to happen, but that’s not the case – at least for some users. More importantly, Uber’s cutting-edge logistics technology has the potential to pave the way for more on-demand services. Thus, creating a whole new definition for the Uber driver, “Perhaps the modern-age equivalent is to drive for Uber and deliver whatever the customer needs, not just pizza.”




”It’s the best-paying job a kid our age can get, besides drug dealing,” No, it’s not driving an Uber (though next year it might). 16 (now 27) year old, Gregory Demosthenes was referring to his summer job as a caddie at Wykagyl Country Club in New Rochelle, back in 2004. Among the top-paying summer jobs for teens, caddie still ranks as one of the highest paying, making between $45-100 per bag plus tips. Here are some unconventional summer jobs to consider this year.

Don’t make this mistake after you land your summer job. “More than 60% of millennials don’t negotiate salary when receiving their first job offers. It’s costing them big time over the course of their careers,” says Kerri Renzulli. Only 38% of millennials negotiate and the risk is surprisingly low. If you need help on how to negotiate, read this.


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Patriot Act provisions expire. Last night at midnight, three controversial provisions of the Patriot Act expired. Two weeks prior, Senator Rand Paul staged a filibuster, reporters are saying, played an important part in preventing the passing of the three provisions. Here’s the full story on what this means for US citizens.


How to handle awkward situations like this. Like sex, money is a taboo topic. And whenever money makes it’s way into the conversation, things can get pretty awkward…Which is why Motley Fool has started an on-going discussion about awkward money problems we all have.


On this day in 1968, Helen Keller died at 87 years old. Keller was the first deaf and blind person to earn a degree in college. She graduated from Radcliffe College, with honors, in 1904. Who was Keller’s teacher who helped her make tremendous progress with her ability to communicate?


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