What You Need to Know Today: July 9

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Remember Tom? Facebook announced today new updates to News Feed. The updates will give users greater control over what they see. One of the new features in News Feed allows you to prioritize who you see first. Reminiscent of Myspace’s Top 8, minus the drama and Tom.

Why you should learn the two-step. “If you don’t already have two-step authentication enabled on all your accounts, you really need to turn it on for anything sensitive.” Gizmodo published a helpful step-by-step guide that explains why you should use two-step authentication and how to set it up on most of your accounts. If you’re disappointed this brief wasn’t about the Texas two-step, save this for Saturday night.

Deadline day for Greece. Greece has until the end of Thursday to present new proposals to secure a third bailout from creditors and prevent a possible exit from the eurozone. (BBC). Is all this confusing? NPR explains Greece By The Numbers.

+ Remember Cyprus?  Back in March 2013, the Cypriot banking system failed. ATM’s stopped spitting out cash, banks closed and depositors got robbed by their bank (so it could pay off its debts with your money of course). If you lived in Cyprus back then, you quickly realized that YOUR MONEY wasn’t really your money anymore. Fast forward to today and the illustrious greek people are very quickly realizing the exact same reality: The banking system owns your money. Your bank account may have your name on it, but you don’t really control it. The good news is, it does have to be this way… Contributor: Trevor Koverko


Applying the ethos of the craftsman to our everyday lives. “When we think of the archetypal craftsman, images of a bearded man clad in a leather apron and rolled-up sleeves, toiling away in his workshop producing beautiful and useful items comes to mind. What’s interesting is that the ancient Greeks had a much more inclusive idea of the craftsman than our modern conception.” Here’s what the Greeks knew that we didn’t. [long read]


8 myths about procrastination. MYTH #3 Procrastinating is delaying decisions. “Good leaders often wait and gather more information before choosing a course of action. Procrastinators, on the other hand, avoid making the decision at all…You work on A so you don’t have to think about B. It’s active avoidance,” says Joseph Ferrari, PhD, professor of psychology at DePaul University in Chicago. Here’s all 8 (#1 about worms is on point).

“The doctor said that he suffered whiplash from the seat assault.” Shane Mathew Diedrichs, 38, got upset when the passenger in front of him, a doctor, refused to put his seat back in the upright position on a flight from Wellington to Brisbane on Virgin Australia last November.(Mashable). What happened next landed Diedrichs a $400 fine for ‘abusive behavior.’ If you’re flying this summer, here are 25 airplane etiquette rules from someone who flies a lot.


Facebook reportedly has a music streaming service in the works (Engadget). But I bet you’ll never guess the #1 music streaming service right now?

Hint: It’s not Spotify, it’s not Apple music, it’s not Pandora…

Click here for answer.

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