What You Need to Know Today: July 22

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If all it took to win a presidential campaign was Google News Hits and Google Searches, Trump would be a clear winner. Thankfully, that’s not how democracy works. If you missed it, here’s Trump’s latest antics. And if you’re feeling left out, you can try this Trump insult generator like we did.

How to win all your friends’s money. MIT has opened up the course “Poker Theory and Analytics” for free to the public this summer, including videos of class lectures, the syllabus, and PDFs of course notes. This course is part of MIT’s OpenCourseWare initiative, which seeks to make certain courses at the school available for free, even for non-MIT students. (Motherboard).


Meet the 25 year old who flies for free. Ben Schlapping has made a career out of working the airline system. By the time he turned 17, he had already logged half a million miles. His travel blog One Mile at a Time and travel consultancy website PointsPros are where he shares his experience and knowledge of airline bureaucracy and how to exploit it. Read his full story here.

+ Millennials who are thriving financially have one thing in common.

Get out of the movie biz and into…the trailer biz. “Studios are willing to spend $50,000 to $500,000 to get a trailer right,” says LA Times reporter Ryan Faughnder. These days, a trailer can make or break a film. And a few smart startups have recognized this trend and are profiting.

+ New James Bond Spectre trailer was released online today. And a look at 10 real life spies who inspired James Bond’s character.


How to remember what you read. The truth is I used to be a fraud. I called myself a voracious reader but when asked what I had read, I struggled to remember. That was until I learned the difference between active and passive reading. Here’s an excellent list of strategies you can use to become an active reader.

Renters Beware. “I didn’t know what to do: flood my feed with the kind of tweets a landlord might like to see? ‘Just took out the trash for my neighbor. I love lending a helping hand!’” What my landlord learned about me from Twitter. (NYTimes).

+ What $1500 a month in rent will get you in cities around the world.

Final Thoughts. “Do we really want to live in a world where no one is allowed to make mistakes?”

NYMag shares an interesting article about the bigger issues with vigilante hackers and leaking private information.

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