What You Need to Know Today: July 16

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Here’s what you need to know


13 ways hackers will try to kill you. Don’t panic. At least not yet says Ryan Dewhurts of Dewhurst Security. “…the most damage an electronic attack (‘cyber attack’) can cause today is financial and political,” says Ryan. But that’s not to say cyber attacks don’t have the potential to become physically harmful. Hopes&Fears.com lists, in detail, 13 ways cyber hackers will try to kill in the future. From highjacking self-driving cars to unlocking prisons…Screenplay writers take note.

+ Apple users beware: iOS scam demanding money to unfreeze browsers.

The sharing economy of passwords. $500 million per year is how much Netflix and HBO risk losing if they don’t crack down on password sharing. But here’s why they won’t…Right now, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and Amazon are duking out one of the biggest fights for subscribers in history. Cracking down on password sharing right now would hurt the user experience, a risk that’s too big this early in the game. Nobody wants to verify their friend’s mother’s maiden name every time they watch House of Cards. That’s not to say subscription services won’t crack down later. Netflix and HBO both have clauses that can stop you from mooching off mom and dad’s account.


Who watches live sports on TV anymore? That look of disappointment on mom’s face when the cable bill comes in and dad’s ESPN sports package is 4x the cost of every other channel… In college, you don’t have cable. If you want to watch a live game, it’s either at a bar or on your laptop. Post-college, this trend continues. Cable sports news channels are struggling to stay relevant as more and more people cut the cord. To make things worse, we now have live streaming of sporting events, a la Pacquio vs Mayweather and Wimbledon via Twitte. So how do sports news channels stay relevant? Here’s a company who’s found a way.

The real reason behind Amazon Prime Day. It appears a bunch of retailers (sorry Walmart) have been trolled by Jeff Bezos’s “bigger than Black Friday” sale. If you thought Amazon Prime Day was just another made up commercial holiday to sell more product, you’re wrong. Prime Day (July 15th) is a mastermind plan for Amazon to secure as many new Prime subscribers as possible. Why more Prime subscribers? (refer to streaming wars above). Read the full story.

+ The story of my 20s as told in Amazon purchases (NSFW). Gawker


When did living become so expensive? Bloomberg has found the exact moment big city living became too expensive for millennials <= This is a good rule of thumb for budgeting.

The story of a chef who saved a life. “Here is the story of The Day Jacques Pépin Saved My Life. That’s how I tell it, anyway —at parties, over dinner, on those occasions when a friend finds himself drowning in his own life and I’m cast as an unlikely dispenser of wisdom,” says GQ’s Brett Martin. If you need a pick me up today, here’s a great story. [Long read]

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