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Beats 1 gets mixed reviews. Zane Lowe divided opinion in his first hour on Apple’s global radio station Beats 1 – though anyone in the UK who listened to his BBC Radio 1 output will hardly be surprised, says Wired. Lowe kicked things off yesterday with Spring King “City” then followed up with Beck “Dreams.” Here are the first 10 tracks Lowe played and a condensed SoundCloud clip of Lowe’s first hour on Beats 1.

Q&A with Mark Zuckerberg goes viral. Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg held a Q&A with Facebook users. He fielded questions from Stephen Hawking on science, to Arnold Schwarzenegger about fitness, and to his thoughts on transgender issues. The best question though, came from The Terminator “And by the way – will the machines win?” Here are answers and highlights.

“Siri – What’s zero divided by zero?” Siri’s answer to this question has been blowing up on the internet. But, this is not the first (or last) time Apple’s virtual assistant will offer quips leaving users stunned. Here’s a list of 11 funny responses from Siri.


Nike co-founder steps away as chairman. Yesterday, Nike announced Phil Knight co-founder of the company will retire as chairman. Knight’s story – how he turned Nike into a global powerhouse – is remarkable. Who will be the next Nike? Under Armour, maybe? It seems brands’s influence is heavily determined by the athletes they sign. Nike signing millennial favorite, Kevin Durant, will prove huge as Lebron gets older.

“run faster and jump higher,” was the 1950s PF Flyers motto. Two millennial brothers from LA have made it their mission to create shoes that live up to the PF Flyer motto. You may have heard their company, Athletic Propulsion Labs, getting mention after their shoes were banned by the NBA. Millennial Magazine covered the Goldston brother’s story – how they started their business in college, their vision, and their family’s history in the shoe industry. I’m sure you (or a friend) wore a pair of the Goldston father’s kicks back in the day.

Why you should advertise your app on TV. “TV still offers the largest reach of any mass-market media. In workplaces around the world, colleagues still gather around the water cooler to discuss the latest episodes of their favorite TV shows…” (Tech Crunch). Even though cutting the cord on cable TV seems to be the direction we’re headed, there’s still a compelling case to run ads for your app on TV now.

Personal Development

Should you shop frequently or buy food in bulk? Science says… New evidence claims: We’re throwing away more in food waste than we are saving by buying in bulk. Full story.

HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR. On June 9, 2015 Vincent Musetto, long-time New York Post editor passed away. “He is the man responsible for the timeless, peerless, flawless Post headline: Headless body in topless bar,” says The Guardian. Though this story is old now, a new story has surfaced about oddball journalism and how weirdness is becoming extinct. Will the future of headlines regress like normcore fashion in an anti-clickbait movement?

+ One Quora user asked: “What are some The Onion articles that turned out to be prescient?” Here are 14 times when real life imitated The Onion.

Happy Canada Day! to all our Canadian readers.

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From Craig Ballantyne, editor, Early to Rise

“Wherever you are, be there.” – Jim Rohn

If you are working out, focus on working out, not checking your phone, reading a magazine, or heaven forbid, watching TV in the “Cardio Theater.” Driving? Drive. No Texting! Eating? Eat. Mindfully. Enjoy it, but don’t overdo it. Recognize you are full. Parenting? Parent. Leave the phone at home when you take the kids to the park. Be mindful. It matters.

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