What You Need to Know Today: January 7

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#NetflixEverywhere. Yesterday, Netflix surprised the world when it expanded its service to 130 countries. If you’re keeping track, that’s 190 countries that can Netflix and Chill. This is the perfect time to buy a VPN, here’s what you need to know.

Under Armour could put nutritionists out of work. On Wednesday, at the global Consumer Electronics Show (CES), IBM CEO Ginni Rommety and Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank demoed their latest collaboration: a new smart fitness app that uses IBM’s supercomputer Watson to offer up personal training and nutrition advice based on your current health habits and goals. “Between trackers, apps, and information data generated by health/sports researchers, there’s a massive amount of fitness data in the world. UA, with Watson, wants to take all that data and turn it into insights for each individual person.” That’s a big hairy, audacious goal, if UA and IBM pull it off this could change the health and fitness industry forever.

“Have you seen Kevin’s whiteboards?” One of my favorite stories this week — A look inside Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank’s day-to-day.


Attention CEOs and CFOs: This is how frugal startups operate.

What I wish I knew before joining a startup. “Accept fair comp. Many people are unrealistic on comp. They want an early-stage experience with Google salaries. It doesn’t work that way, and startups often suck at explaining that. Talk openly with startups about what they can pay you, what they’ve raised, what your needs are, and what milestones will lead to higher salary. Keep in mind, you might be the first person to take a salary and the founders might have been working for two years. Sure, it’s a 50% haircut for you, but for them it’s a big chunk of their first round,” says StartuplJackson. Bonus: how to get rich in tech, guaranteed.


5-step business strategy you can learn in 5 minutes. Okay, I lied. This 5-step strategy is not only for business use. Yes, entrepreneurs and engineers use it, but it can also be used to improve your health and any other area that needs improvement in your life. Tara Parker-Pope lost 25 pounds using this 5-step strategy without extreme dieting or exercises. The strategy is called, ‘Design Thinking’ — here’s how it works.

A case for sleeping on the jobHow the sleep industry infiltrated office culture.


Q: What advice would you give your younger self? 

A: “Dropout of school and buy more Bitcoins.”

Can you guess who said that? It was 6 year old Aaron Rogier, CEO/founder of Napchat. When I read the headline for this article I almost lost it, “No way there’s a 10 under 10 years old list!” But seconds into watching the video, I realized what was going on…

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