What You Need to Know Today: January 15

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Here’s what you need to know


Esports is having a moment. “Former NBA player Rick Fox is on the phone when he receives another call: It’s from Denmark. ‘I have to take this,’ Fox says. When the three-time NBA champion clicks over, the voice on the other line is of a young, Danish man who is being wooed by a host of North American esports owners. Fox, who purchased an esports franchise in December for an undisclosed sum, is one of those owners. Fox wants the gamer so badly that he’s not willing to give up his name for fear it will make it harder to land him. And Fox certainly won’t talk about how much he’s willing to pay,” says ESPN’s Darren Rovell. You’re not going to believe how fast the business of watching gamers play is growing.

The next Instagram has no likes. Unless you’re 13-to-24 year old girl, you’ve probably never heard of Grid — the next Instagram. No likes, no comments, no followers.


How to handle getting fired like a boss. Dov Charney needs to read this. At 64 years old George Zimmer was fired from the company he spent four decades building and leading. While most guys Zimmer’s age would retire to spend time with their grandkids, Zimmer chose to do something much cooler.

Q. What is a growth marketing skill you can learn in a weekend and the best tool to learn it? Your homework this weekend.

Your legacy is probably in jeopardy. “Thousands of years ago, we told stories by banging on rocks.’You either had to go to where the rock was, or you had to be really strong and carry the rock around with you.’ But things got easier, first with clay tablets, then with ink on paper. ‘There’s this gradual trend toward more and more access, and of course electronic media provides the easiest and cheapest access to information that we’ve ever had on the planet,’ says Edward McCain. ‘But it’s also the most easily lost. We’ve always had this tradeoff between permanence and accessibility.’” If you write a lot on the Internet, this should scare you.


A millennial’s solution to anything. “When the mundane act of choosing a television show to watch is emotionally taxing, relationships are next-level. But millennials have a solution: Tinderize it. Tinderize it all.”

The world’s richest man had $6,000 when he was 15, was a millionaire at 30, and a billionaire by 60. Here’s what that looks like in graph form.


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“Are you still snoring? Is your slack head almost snapped on its stalk, with your face unzipped by the yawns earned in yesterday’s debaucheries? Do you have any goals in life? Is there any point to your life?” — Persius (34-62 AD)

Top 10 best insults from ancient rome.

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