What You Need to Know Today: February 16

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Why $1 subscriptions are better than FREE. The New York Times offers several digital and print subscriptions. Their most popular is their $1 4-week digital trial offer. Could the NY Times offer a FREE 4-week trial? Sure. But why would they? In yesterday’s brief, I shared with you the secret to creating engaging content. “Engaging content changes your reader.” I’d argue, one dollar subscriptions change your customers. A new study found that mobile gamers who make just one in-app purchase are six times more likely to make another one. Amateur marketers offer free; pro marketers understand the value of that first dollar.

Snapchat is having a moment. It looks like your parents have finally figured out what you’ve known for for some time now. Snapchat is awesome and a great advertising channel. AdExchanger explains Snapchat’s “Facebook Moment.”


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How to sell a movie. Step 1. Know your audience. Last week, actor, comedian, and screenwriter Sacha Baron Cohen was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Cohen was there promoting his latest film “The Brothers Grimsby.” If you’re familiar with Cohen’s work, you know his movies are anything but PG-13. Cohen knows his fans like movies with extreme comedy, and borderline offensive humor. See: Borat and Bruno. So what better way to promote his latest film then by teasing fans with how offensive his next film will be? Watch this short clip and marvel at the marketing. Could Cohen have shown a 30-second clip that was TV-friendly? Of course, but that would have been in poor taste…

+ “Deadpool” breaks box office records for R-rated film. Here’s how much it made.

Little known secret: Executives can’t wait to mentor you. “As a 23-year-old, I don’t always have great ideas for how to add value to top Fortune 500 executives, corporate lawyers, established Ph.D.s or more experienced professionals in general.” This is a common problem many young, ambitious professionals face. We hear all the time that we need to be “adding value” if we want to succeed. But how? This article will show you 3 ways you can do it. Note: Gary Vaynerchuk would disagree with number 3. Use your best judgement.

Champagne problems, Bro. “Hey Mike – I’ve been struggling lately with how to use my time: I’m trying to balance work vs. fun, saving vs. spending, how many and of what quality relationships to maintain, and hedging against future unknowns vs. living in the present. Would love your thoughts. Thanks.” Mike Vacanti wrote a letter to himself answering the question we all want to know the answer to, “how should I spend my time?” Read his full letter here.

[Note from the editor: The Daily Brief newsletter will be put on pause for one week starting tomorrow. The next issue will be published February 24th.]


Adidas is offering $1 million to anyone who can break this.

Adidas has always put a price on speed at The Combine — offering sports cars, and $100,000 cash prizes to players who can run the fastest 40-yard-dashes. This year, however, Adidas is upping the ante by offering a $1 million cash prize to the player who can break the all-time fastest 40-yard-dash record of 4.24 seconds. Will someone break it? I’m betting yes, because, History. 

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