What You Need to Know Today: February 11

Good afternoon, Early Risers!

Here’s what you need to know


Should you A/B test your dating profile?  Coffee Meets Bagel says yes, you should — and they want to help. For a small fee, CMB offers its premium users all kinds of ways to find out whether their profile is working or not, like ranking and feedback from matches. The latest feature CMB added this week is A/B photo testing. Last week I shared with Daily Brief readers the #truth about A/B testing. Spoiler alert: CMB premium users will likely be Netflix and Chillin’ solo this V-Day.

Tom is starting a new chapter. Remember your friend, Tom? You know, Tom. Your first MySpace friend. Tom and MySpace’s parent company Viant were acquired this week by Time Inc. and it looks like MySpace could be making a comeback. Here’s what you need to know.

Facebook Advertising basics (screenshots included). Ken Dunn is the CEO and founder of ReadersLegacy.com, the fastest growing community of readers and authors online. Reader’s Legacy pre-launched six months ago, and officially launched its public campaign on February 1st. Dunn and his team decided they’d invest in advertising on Facebook. Here’s how Reader’s Legacy got 1,025 Likes, 485 Shares, and 50 Comments on Facebook In 7 days.


What Ben Franklin can teach you about creating buzz. “A guy flew a kite in a storm, lightning struck, traveled down the string of the kite to a key… When the key was touched, out came a jolt of electricity giving a non-lethal shock to its famous victim. Who was that famous scientist? Jacques de Romas. Wait, that’s not right. Wasn’t it Benjamin Franklin? Well, not according to more than a few historians,” says Nathan Kontny. Apparently Ben Franklin’s famous kite experiment is a myth. A story fabricated by Franklin to sell newspapers. Whether you believe this or not, Ben Franklin’s story teaches us some valuable lessons on how to create buzz in our businesses. Click here to read the full story.

Daily Hack: How to sell girl scout cookies. Step 1. Set up shop outside a medical marijuana dispensary selling CBD oil. Step 2. Sell. Step 3. Call mom for more boxes of cookies. That’s how this little girl managed to sell 117 boxes of girl scout cookies in 2 hours. This is market-ing at its finest.

How successful people ask questions. The key is to approach questions with this mindset.


Why Steph Curry never skips leg day. “In the 2011-2012 season, Curry managed only 26 games and had sprained his ankle five times. And this was after he had undergone surgery to rebuild two ligaments in his ankle. However, Curry has managed to stay healthy since those early ankle problems, and, as a result, he’s become the best player in the NBA,” says Business Insider. What changed? Curry’s core and leg workouts.

New study says millennial men value this over women’s looks. Hint: it’s not personality…


Does Using All Your Fingers Make You Type Faster?

A new study from the user interfaces group at Finland’s Aalto University shows that, when it comes to typing, it’s not the number of fingers used that determines speed, but how they’re used. Read more.

Think of all those hours spent on Mavis Beacon…

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