What You Need to Know Today: December 9

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Turning dumb-and-sexy watches into smart-and-sexy. Retailers are predicting smart watches to be one of this holiday season’s most popular tech gifts. But, before you jump on the smart-watch band wagon, check this out. Chronos found a way to turn your old luxury watch into a smart watch… If only there was a chip like this for bae.

Spotify is “rattled.” When Taylor Swift said she was never, ever, ever, getting back together with Spotify, the company just shook it off. But since Adele’s record breaking album drop, Spotify is reconsidering their stance on freemium. “The Wall Street Journal reports today from private talks that Spotify is planning to allow some artists to release new albums only to the service’s paying users.”

+ We may actually know who created Bitcoin. Hint: look down under. 


Why content marketing might not be a sustainable strategy. “Content Shock” is what Mark Schaefer calls, “the point where content production would intersect our human capacity to consume it. And it would become uneconomical to produce content afterwards.” While some have argued that we’ll never reach content shock. More evidence suggests we’re closing in. “A very recent study conducted by Moz and Buzzsumo analysed 1 million articles and found that the great majority of content got little material response: 50% of the content received 2 or fewer Facebook interactions (shares, likes, or comments) and 75% showed no external links.” If you’re not happy with your content reach on social, read this. You’re not alone.

+ Burgers, beer, coffee, and condoms are what the world’s wealthiest are investing in. Here’s why.


Meet TIME magazine’s person of the year. “I’m surprised at how faint-hearted we sometimes are, and how quickly we lose courage.” Full story.

Which is healthier Beer or Wine? Answer.

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Dictionary.com’s word of the year is “Identity.”

The word, chosen by a group of lexicographers — people who write the dictionary — best encapsulates many of the themes in 2015. Dictionary.com specifically cited stories about Caitlyn Jenner, marriage equality, Transparent’s Emmy win, Miley Cyrus’s pansexual coming-out and Rachel Dolezal as “cultural conversations” that led users to look up identity-related words more than ever. Full story.

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