What You Need to Know Today: December 3

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Facebook live streaming rolls out for low-profile users. “Four months after introducing live video streaming for celebrities and other high-profile users, Facebook is now rolling the feature out to everyone inside its flagship app,” reportsThe Verge. What can you expect? Your live broadcasts will be sent via push notification to your closest friends, determined by FB. Why not all your friends? “The reasons people wanted it were quite different from celebrities,” says Julie Zhou, product design director at Facebook. “It was really more about inviting friends and families into special moments in people’s lives.” Full details.

Can you hear me now? Next time your smartphone drops a call, don’t be so fast to blame your provider. A new study finds some smartphones (they won’t name names) require a minimum signal 10 times stronger than the best non-smart phone before they can make or receive a call.

+ Apple might bring back smaller iPhones.


Musk’s premeditated systems. If you thought it was coincidence that all three of Elon Musk’s current businesses are trying to solve the the same problem — global warming — you’d be kidding yourself. “You can’t look at Musk’s companies as, well, companies. Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity (which is run by Musk’s cousins) taken together are really a system, and Musk is a systems engineer, or designer, or architect (take your pick),” says Business Insider. Yesterday, Musk spoke in Paris where he demanded a carbon tax. You can read the full story here.

5 things every employee should ask their CEO. 1. What is your finish line? “Aka, what does success look like to them? What does their finish line look like? When I tell my employees my end goal is to buy the New York Jets, it allows them to understand that my behavior is long term. It tells them I’m playing for a fifty year narrative. That means I won’t cut corners. I don’t overvalue the quick dollar. I’m playing for long-term keeps. And if the employee really gets that, they’ll see that [it] creates interesting long term stability,” says Gary Vaynerchuk. Read all 5 questions here.


The human brain can’t even with online dating. “It’s like an Argos catalogue, having everyone available — it’s the personal equivalent of hundreds of men standing in a pub all telling you how much they like you but pushing past you the moment the next hotter girl comes in,” says Sally, Tinder user. An Einstein College of Medicine professor takes a close look at how online dating affects our brains. Hint: Tinder is like having OCD.

+ Why all millennials should care about Kobe Bryant’s retirement (Elite Daily).

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If it sounds too good to be true… 

The truth comes out about the CEO paying all his employees a minimum starting salary of $70,000 and it’s not pretty. Full story.

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