What You Need to Know Today: December 21

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The world’s first video dictionary. If you travel abroad, you’ll want this app. The creators of Memrise, the online-language learning program, built the world’s first video dictionary. Instead of making a fool out of yourself trying to pronounce words, you can now watch actual locals speak. More info.

Apple’s survival-of-the-fittest approach to selling computers. How do you build one of the richest companies on Earth? You make products that compete with each other. Huh? Yep, that’s what Apple’s head of marketing Phil Schiller told 60 Minutes host Charlie Rose last night. Here’s the full story.


What kind of entrepreneur are you? “A lifestyle entrepreneur is attracted to entrepreneurship for reasons like freedom of time, control of their own destiny, the ability to build something that the more effort they put into it, the more they get out of it, which are all great reasons,” says David Cummings the ‘Mayor’ of entrepreneurship in Atlanta. But Cummings says he doesn’t invest in lifestyle entrepreneurs. No, he looks for a different kind of entrepreneur.

How elite athletes perform at the highest level (steal this!). You hear coaches tell their teams to ‘trust in the process.’ ‘If you trust the process, good things will happen.’ But what actually is ‘the process?’ And can you use it even if you’re not a pro athlete? Ryan Holiday answers these questions and more in his latest article.


A true underdog story. If I was a gambling man, I’d bet physical book sales would be on the decline. But a recent study reveals that’s not the case. In the U.S., print book sales are actually on the rise. What’s more surprising, e-books have seen a decline in popularity over the years. While these stats only look at the U.S., it’s not hard to imagine similar trends in Europe. One story that could support this is this amazing underdog story of one of the largest bookstore chains in the U.K.

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