What You Need to Know Today: December 1

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Why people are giving up on the Apple Watch. In Internet marketing, “bounce rate” is a term used to describe the percentage of visitors who enter your site and then leave (“bounce”) rather than click through to other pages within your site. You should know your bounce rate because it will give you an idea of how compelling your front page is. If your front page doesn’t deliver on what your website offers, your bounce rate will be high. The same goes for physical products. An independent research firm asked 330 dissatisfied Apple Watch owners why they disliked the product and here’s what they said (notice how fast they stopped wearing their watches and why).

+ The difference between a failure and a mistake? Answer.

VR and chill. “According to a report by Imperial College London and the dating website eHarmony, in 25 years ‘full-sensory virtual reality dating’ might very well be a thing, which means people can just sit back and meet a potential bae online without having to walk out the door,” says Mic. If you’re wondering how a virtual reality date would progress physically (we are), here’s your answer. Best line: “From creepily realistic sex robots to the emerging field of teledildonics, which allows couples to remotely ‘connect’ their respective sex toys from afar via mobile technology, it seems that being in the same room as a lover is on its way to being straight-up optional.”


Two questions you should ask all your employees. Ninety-one percent of millennials expect to stay at their job less than 3 years. I’m going to give you a tip to sway the odds in your favor. At ETR, we run what are called weekly Goal Setting & Review sessions (GS&R). During our weekly GS&R meetings, two questions are always asked: What wins did you have last week and where did you struggle? Not surprising, these are the same two questions Jodi Glover, CEO and co-founder of Real Tech Inc. asks her team. Jodi says, “We ask: What was the highlight of your week and what were the obstacles of your week? This makes sure we’re growing and helping them to be able to gain those experiences that they can keep gaining here rather than going to another work environment.” Read more.

Damn kids, and their tech. Meet Stef Wertheimer, a grouchy 89-year-old billionaire who might have the solution to ending violence. Hint: it’s not going to come from the latest app.

+ What do you think… Should more entrepreneurs focus on building businesses that produce tangible products? Let me know your thoughts. Emaildaily@earlytorise.com


Giving Tuesday is now officially a “thing.” “According to a study from the Giving USA Foundation, charitable giving in the United States rose to a record $358.38 billion last year, the fifth straight year of growth. The largest portion of that comes from individual donors,” (Nonprofit Quarterly). This weekend, ETR will participate in Denver’s annual Toys for Tots drive. Last year, with the help of our readers, we bought over $100,000 worth of toys (7000 toys!). This year, the plan is to top $150,000 and you can help, here’s how.

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Timing is everything

From myrealvoice.com

Here’s a tip so that you will ALWAYS come in on time when you are speaking. Your audiences will love you for it:

The average person speaks at 100-120 words per minute.

This means if you have a 10 minute speech, figure on 1000-1200 words in your finished written script.

If your speech is 20 minutes, figure 2000-2400 words.

30 minutes=3000-3600 words.

60 minutes=6000-7200 words.

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