What You Need to Know Today: August 26

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Paypal’s making it easier for you to sell. Today, Paypal’s instant checkout platform One Touch goes live in over a dozen countries. Good news for anyone selling anything because we all know the less steps a customer has to take to buy your product the better. Like Apple Pay and Amazon’s 1-Click ordering, with One Touch, you enter your username and password once and Paypal will keep you logged in for future purchases up to 6 months. Here’s the list of countries that support One Touch.

How traditional businesses can stay relevant. You hear all the time people say, “you need to speak your customer’s language.” This is dangerous advice. Only because most businesses take this advice too literal and end up embarrassing themselves. There are many ways to “speak your customer’s language.” One of the easiest is through the medium you choose to provide your service. The first time I ordered an Uber I was amazed when the text came saying my Uber had arrived. It was like having a friend come pick me up. This familiar feeling is what’s driving theAssistant-as-App marketplace right now. If traditional businesses want to stay relevant they need to take note. An example of a traditional business in jeopardy is travel agencies – apps like Pana will put traditional travel agents out of business, if they don’t adapt.

Ever smart biked before? This startup is changing how bikers get around.


3 advantages to being an Intrapreneur. What’s an intrapreneur? An intrapreneur is someone who builds within an established organization, or uses his or her paycheck to finance other interests, says The Street. Intrapreneur vs classic entrepreneur comes with its advantages. Here’s a list of 3.

How to profit from people who say “No.” Human nature tells us to say “no” to almost everything and everyone. It was one of the first words we learned as a child. So when you’re selling someone, don’t be surprised if their first reaction is “no.” The good news is the real money is in the people who say “no.” Because the ones who say “yes” are the minority. They’re the outliers. Here’s a simple mindset shift you need to make to tap you into the pockets of the majority of “no” prospects.

+ 10 questions to ask your banker or lawyer if you run a small business.



6 tips to create and innovate. Want a good answer? Ask a good question first! To be an innovator you need to ask the right questions. Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO knows just what questions you should be asking. Here’s Tim’s advice.

What 11 successful people wish they knew in their 20s.  “In your 20s, optimize for learning, not earning. Work directly under or with master dealmakers and acquire skills. This is particularly true for negotiating and hard skills, like coding. What would you rather have: $20,000 more per year in your 20s, leading to making $100,000 to $200,000 a year in your 30s, or a lower-paying job from 20 to 25 — but one like a real-world MBA you’re paid for — leading to making millions in your 30s?” – Tim Ferriss. Click here for more.

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Today is the Tomatina Festival in Spain. Translation: tomato fight day.

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