What You Need to Know Today: April 22

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Facebook News Feed updates you’ll actually like. Facebook just announced they will be making some improvements to the News Feed feature. Here’s what you can expect: more stories about friends you care about. Less updates on friends liking other friends posts and comments. Multiple posts from the same source if you’re running low on content (facebook previously had rules in place to prevent this).

Developing an app? *READ THIS* When you pull out your phone you typically do two things: 1) quickly scan your notifications and slide away any non-urgent ones. 2) you respond to the messages or notifications you feel are urgent or relevant. In most cases you never open the app you’re receiving notifications from. This is something Facebook understands well and is driving a lot of changes we see. Notifications represent the future app interface, says Tech Crunch. Here’s a must read article if you’re thinking of or already developing a mobile app.


This is why we ask busy people to do more and they deliver. There’s a saying: “if you want something done, ask a busy person.” But why is that? People who are considered “busy” typically become busy because they’re reliable. And reliable people gain this reputation because they do the work people give them. Here’s exactly how busy people get so much done.

How to turn a summer internship into a full-time gig. I landed my full-time job with Early to Rise through a summer apprenticeship with editor Craig Ballantyne. Before ETR I spent two summers doing paid internships in corporate, so this advice does not come lightly. A two-year summer intern at the New York Stock Exchange just wrote an article sharing seven tips on how to turn a summer internship into a full-time job. Have a look.

Personal Development

Justin Bieber’s roommate can teach you 3 valuable lessons about money. Being roommates with the Biebs probably sounds like a nightmare (unless you’re a 14-year old girl), but for Adam Braun it’s not the case. Braun is the founder of the organization, Pencils of Promise that has built over 100 schools for kids in third world countries. Braun has an amazing story to share with you and he explains 3 ways anyone can get paid.

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