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Here’s how to file your taxes for FREE. The IRS offers a Free File option for those earning under $60,000 annually and another for those earning over $60,000 annually. Here’s what you need to do:

1.    Get together your tax information, like W-2s, 1099s, etc.

2.    Determine your adjusted gross income for the tax year.

3.    Figure out which IRS Free File option you qualify for.

4.    Go to the IRS’s free file partners page and pick a company to file your federal taxes for free. Different companies might have different AGI requirements to file for free, so choose carefully. Find out more here.


The man who brought you Pooty Tang turned down $500,000 (take note). Arguably one of the best comedians ever, Louis C.K. apparently turned down $500,000 from Conan O’brien back in the early 90s to invest in himself. Too bad it didn’t work out… 😉 Here are 10 things that transformed Louis C.K. into one of the greatest comedians of all time.

How does your income compare to Millennials? The top 1% of Millennials (18-34 years old) make on average $129,000 annually. Of the lofty 1%, just 28% are female. Only 9% are Black and 7% Hispanic, while the majority is white and male, says Erin Donnelly. Meanwhile, about 28 million millennials take home less than…a year.

Personal Development

Tell your health-conscious friends they’re wrong. The war on red meat is still very real, but is it justified? According to Dr. Aaron Carroll our concerns about health problems consuming red meat are wrong. The real problem and cause of most of American’s health problems is consuming too many calories. Skip to the bottom and read Dr. Carroll’s main takeaway.

Learning makes you unfit for slavery, said Frederick Douglass. Hating on higher education seems to be the trend these days. With critics going as far to say colleges and universities are producing ‘excellent sheep.’ History has proven time-and-time again a college degree is not necessary to become successful, but it’s important we don’t forget the central virtue of a liberal education, which is that it teaches us how to write, and writing makes us think. Find out what a satisfied college graduate has to say on the matter.

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