The Tiger Woods Secret

Even if you’re not a golf fan (and I’m not really), you have to admire Tiger Woods. He’s usually performing at a level that’s simply unheard of in the golf world.

Key word here is “usually.” Because during this year’s U.S. Open, Tiger wasn’t on his “A” game. Many of his tee shots went completely awry, making spectators scramble for cover.

Gotta admit – seeing Tiger yank a drive 50 yards left of the fairway made me feel better about my golf skills (or lack thereof). But here’s the thing…

He won the tournament.

No kidding. After carding several double bogeys, a variety of mis-hit shots, and putts that either came up short or went zooming eight feet past the hole, he still won.

How did he do it? How did he pull it off? If I were to guess, I’d say it was his mental toughness. Tiger simply refused to lose. Even though he was struggling… even though his recently surgically repaired knee was screaming in pain… even though the competition was nipping at his heels… he never gave up.

And that’s a big part of what makes Tiger a winner, over and over again.

There’s a name for golfers whose game doesn’t look so hot, but, at the end of the day, they still post a low score. They’re called “grinders.” They find a way to get the job done – no matter what it takes. And during the U.S. Open, Tiger Woods was most certainly a grinder.

There are a lot of similarities between your quest for success and Tiger’s quest for golf immortality.

Think about it. You’re both extraordinary people with tremendous potential. You both face challenges every day and strive to become greater than you are right now. Regardless of the circumstances, you continue to march straight forward in life, with guts and a level of determination that most people don’t realize. And, finally, you both have a higher level of commitment to self-improvement than most people.

See what I mean?

Tiger Woods may have slowed down from time to time, or faltered because of frustration or an obstacle in his path. But he never stopped moving forward. And today, he’s not only considered the best golfer in the game, but possibly of all time.

You, too will be a winner – in your business and in your personal life. All you have to do is keep taking action… and keep moving forward.

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