The Talking Editorial

Many people think that “living green” means shelling out a bunch of money. And that you have to be a dedicated environmentalist to make that sacrifice.

But as Internet Money Club member Steve Stillwater explained to me between sessions at ETR’s recent Info-Marketing Bootcamp… you can actually save thousands a year in heating, electrical, and other bills by making a few simple changes.

But, Steve told me, most people just don’t know it.

That’s why he’s so passionate about the business he’s created. And as part of the Internet Money Club, he’s able to spread the word around the world through his website:

Making the information available online is not only the quickest way for him to do it, Steve says… but because no paper, ink, or physical shipping is required, no natural resources are used in his business.

Since joining the IMC, Steve’s primary focus has been on his blog. Every day, he posts tips and advice mixed with commentary on subjects of interest to his readers, such as new technology and alternative energy sources. Traffic is building slowly. And his first couple of information products are now available. Meanwhile, he’s continuing to build his list of subscribers.

How has Early to Rise helped him along the way?

“ETR has been invaluable,” says Steve. “In the beginning, I knew nothing about building a website, so I needed the tools and know-how to get one up and running. Now, I am looking at how to build traffic and create a business around my site, and ETR has information support and knowledgeable people to guide me through that stage as well. ETR’s recent Bootcamp provided a wealth of resources and people to help me define strategies to build my revenues.”

The next Internet Money Club class is opening up in early December. So keep your eyes on your inbox for more details. We limit membership. So if you’re at all interested in starting and growing your own online business — with a coach leading you every step of the way (and pushing you along if necessary) — jump on board as soon as the new class is launched.

| The Talking Editorial |

Many readers wrote in about my talking editorial on Nov. 2. In that first go at ETR’s version of the video podcast, I gave some quick tips for networking with colleagues, prospects, and clients online. Everybody loved that part — the content. But Early to Risers were divided on the format.

Some loved video…

“Enjoyed the talking editorial — great for auditory learners. I played it while getting dressed, the curse of multi-tasking.” – Mary (who also gave some advice for overcoming the fear of in-person networking:
“Immediately talk to the other person about themselves. It’s their favorite topic. And by listening to them, I find out what we may have in common — which becomes our second topic of conversation.”)

“Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the podcast feature. I was able to get a ‘kick start’ on a productive morning. Thank you.” – Ron

And some didn’t love it…

“I am not a big fan of video. After listening to many of your advisors expound on its many virtues, I am still skeptical. Call me ‘old school,’ but I prefer the printed word. Keep up the usually excellent work.” – Robert

“My time is limited and I don’t have time to listen to something I can read in much less time. Please provide both the written and the audio. I realize many are auditory learners. I’m not.” – Cathy

Thanks to all who sent in feedback. At Early to Rise, we’re always testing something new — including new formats for delivering information to our subscribers. And your opinions are very important to us.

Right now, we are working on ways to solve the problem some readers had with the videos being slow to read, while still making it possible for you to hear a real voice and look at charts and other material along the way.

Stay tuned to find out what we come up with next.

| Passage to India |

Check out the following figures…

  • India’s population has gone from 400 million to nearly 1.2 billion since 1960 — a 162% increase!
  • The country has 42 cities with a population greater than 1 million.
  • And it’s estimated that 290 million people will move to India’s cities by 2030 — 640 million by 2050.

What’s the big story behind these huge numbers? As ETR’s in-house investment analyst Christian Hill explained to me last week, that means a whole lot more people will be in need of more infrastructure — decent roads, bridges, water and sanitation systems, electricity… not to mention housing. And they’re coming fast!

Until recently, he told me, the Indian government was holding back on investing in infrastructure projects. But they changed their tune once they realized it was necessary if they expected to keep their economy growing.

Great for India — and for a host of private sector companies that stand to benefit. Great for you, too, because there is a way for the average investor to benefit from all this government-funded building. Just invest in an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that focuses solely on these same companies. Christian gives the details in his recent Liberty Street League mid-month update.

That’s right, LSL now publishes twice a month. And if you sign up today, you’ll get not only Christian’s under-the-radar recommendations but also the best in wealth building advice that our expert panel has to offer in the areas of commodities, offshore investing, overseas real estate, penny stocks, precious metals, and more.

| Dolphins versus Titans |

The Early to Rise team is more than an office full of co-workers. We’re more like friends and family. And we have a lot of fun together after hours (as you’ve probably seen in past issues of the Insider).

Last Sunday was no exception.

We traveled down to Sunlife Stadium in Miami for the match up between the Miami Dolphins and the Tennessee Titans. We got to party with season ticket holders before the game, and had End Zone seats.

Until next week,


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Associate Publisher
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