The Little Bang Success Technique

According to the “Big Bang Theory,” the universe was created by a sudden, massive explosion. And many people approach goal setting the same way. They set an ambitious goal and expect it to come to fruition immediately.

But that’s not realistic (even if you have the next Big Idea). After all, the universe itself was not born fully formed. It continues to expand and develop, issuing “background noise” — a cosmic message — that scientists receive from every part of the sky.

I believe in breaking the Big Bang down into workable, day-to-day actions to achieve your goals. I call it The Little Bang Success Technique, because it is the small, consistent steps you take toward a goal that bring about results.

And there is no need to wait for everything to be in alignment before you take action. It is better to prepare, get started, moderate, modify, and keep going until you’re where you want to be.

Formulating a goal gives you direction. But once you commit to a goal, the process of doing is paramount.

Early to Rise is a perfect example of The Little Bang Success Technique.

ETR began as a series of e-mail messages sent by Michael Masterson to a few executives 10 years ago. These messages were meant to inspire those executives and spur them into action.

Initially there was no intention to bring ETR to a wider audience or make it a commercial venture. Michael Masterson would wake up each day with “one idea, big or small, that some less-experienced but equally ambitious person might find useful in some way.”

He began spreading his unique “cosmic message” in an ever-expanding, consistent manner. (As I said, that’s the foundation of The Little Bang Success Technique.)

ETR started with a staff of four, and grew to 35. It started with a single writer (Michael Masterson) and grew to include a host of regulars. It started with e-mailed “lessons” to executives and became an information-filled e-newsletter with 450,000+ readers.

Thousands of articles, product sales, membership programs, and many well-attended conferences later… ETR continues to push forward. It is a multimillion-dollar direct-marketing-based publishing business that started with a “Little Bang” (e-mails to a small group of executives encouraging them to take action).

ETR’s cosmic message is now heard around the world.

SUCCESS can be thought of as the ability to:

S – Sense

U – Unlimited
C – Chances
C – Coming
E – Every

S – Single
S – Second

The dim sound of success you may be hearing only in the distance will become stronger as you move toward to it. So in this moment, at this very second, initiate The Little Bang Success Technique. By expanding your personal “universe” consistently, one step at a time, you will achieve your goals.

One kind word or a single thoughtful action keeps your positive energy expanding. One good deed or a single objective reached keeps your productive energy expanding. One idea or one single opportunity seized keeps you expanding your personal “universe” — broadcasting your “cosmic message” for the entire world to hear!