The Instant Business in WordPress

If you can write a letter in Microsoft Word, you can build your very own website.

With the WordPress publishing platform, there’s no need to hire an overpriced Web designer or graphics expert.

WordPress makes it simple and cheap to start your own online business. The setup time is nearly instantaneous, and the rest of your website can be done in under 59 minutes.

A business website that Google loves and site visitors enjoy… in under 59 minutes? Yes, you can do it!

WordPress comes in two platforms. One is provided free by WordPress, the other is self-hosted on your own domain. If you are building a site to market your business, you’ll want to use the WordPress self-hosted domain. It can be installed through any hosting provider in about 5 minutes. The typical cost is less than $15. Create a user name and password, and you’re on your way.

Logging into the WordPress dashboard is so easy a first grader could do it. Accessible from any computer, Smartphone, or portable device with an Internet connection, there’s no need for expensive software or a lot of memory space.

When you first log into your WordPress dashboard, you’ll want to set up a few things so that you can quickly and easily access your website.

By going to “Users” on the left hand sidebar of your dashboard, you can create separate user names for your personal assistant, your CEO, your tech person, your copywriter, and anyone else you want to give access to.

Gone are the days of security checks and the need to pay someone else to help you gain access to your own website. You are the commander of your own online business presence.

The next thing you’ll want to do is set up your theme. This will include your header, your color scheme, and your design. Without a Web designer or graphics team, you can choose from the thousands of themes provided by WordPress. WordPress offers free and paid themes, making it easy to create a design concept that’s perfect for you. Click on one that looks good, and test it out in seconds. If you don’t like it, you’re not locked in. You can change it at any time, with nothing more than the click of a button.

Writing articles for your e-newsletter or content to post on your site couldn’t be easier with some of the amazing tools you can find in WordPress — even if you failed English class in high school. Optimize your content and make sure it’s SEO rich. With free plugins, layout help, and more, WordPress truly is the best thing to hit the Internet for the small or large business owner.

Many of my clients have been able to trim their budgets significantly by using WordPress, and then funnel the extra money into cash-producing activities like media buying, pay-per-click advertising, and direct-mail campaigns. In fact, I’ve seen people cut their budgets in half and double their profits.

These are just a few of the things I teach in my webinar, “WordPress for the Business Owner.” I show you, step by step, not only how to set up WordPress but how to monetize it, gain higher organic listings in the search engines, create a newsletter that your prospective customers will want to subscribe to… and how to manage it all in just a few hours a week.

If you are short on time and funds but dream of creating an online business — this is the way to do it. My entire 7-figure company is run in WordPress and operated with only one full-time and one part-time employee. That, my friend, would have been nearly impossible just a few years ago.

WordPress has unlocked the door of success for all when it comes to an Internet-based business. Grab your key now!

[Ed. Note: Sandi Krakowski has been working online for the last 14 years, building 11 businesses, all with 6- and 7-figure profits. She has personally made more than $28 million in profits for her clients in the last 5 years through copywriting and marketing.

Thousands have taken her “WordPress for the Business Owner” classes, where she simplifies the technical aspects of WordPress and makes them easier to use, understand, and profit with quickly. In an Exclusive ETR Client WordPress Class — coming up July 8 & July 15 — she will teach you how to apply the ETR “Ready, Fire, Aim” business model in a WordPress environment. We highly recommend that you grab a spot before it’s completely full. Enroll now and save $360.]