The Exhilarating Company of Positive Minds

“I have learned from reading ETR that it is mighty exhilarating to be in the company of thinking, positive, innovative minds that would welcome me in their midst and challenge me to leap and grow.

“The first person I must mention is Michael Masterson, not because he started ETR or because he has made millions of dollars or because he writes well or has so many good ideas. I must mention him because he is profound. He has an inner sense of what he is all about, and it is communicated to those whose lives he touches. One feels he is very comfortable with himself, and he invites others to work hard enough to reach that place.

“If one listens carefully, the best communication with Michael Masterson is nonverbal. Michael is not going to stay comfortable, because he is about growing and developing and leaving comfort zones. That is the gift he continually presents to those who wish to accept it. He doesn’t enable, he offers. That is strength.

“The other person I would like to mention is Bob Bly. I have subscribed to several of his programs. He is practical, available, and gives excellent advice. Like almost all of the professionals involved with ETR, Bob Bly makes you feel that if you need help, ask and it will be graciously given.

“I see ETR and its contributors as a giant pool of dreamers and professionals and successful people who don’t see what is, but rather see what can be. They throw open the vault of their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm and say, ‘Here it is. It is what we have learned. It is what we are more than willing to share. Let’s see what heights you can reach.’”

Judith Pazmino
Covington, KY

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