The Best Way to Make Money

Can you imagine turning a few hundred bucks into $900 in just three days? Or turning $360 into $720 in just seven days?

Fantasy? Hardly. Some investors have found a way to book triple-digit gains without spending hours in front of a computer screen. Today, I’m going to show you how to be one of them.

Time is money — true or false? Well, of course it’s true. But it’s misleading. Actually, time is far more valuable than money. You can always earn more money.

But you can’t ever earn back more time. We all have just 24 hours in a day. It’s how you use that time that makes all the difference.

So let me show you a simple strategy for turning small amounts of cash into big profits in less time than it takes for your morning shower.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

There are just three steps. Every morning, Monday through Friday:

  • Open the e-mail we send to members of the service I’m telling you about today and read our simple investment instructions.
  • Go to your online brokerage account and follow those instructions.
  • Shut down your computer and enjoy the rest of your day.

Can It Really Be That Easy?

In a word, yes. Once you place your instructions, there is nothing more for you to do until you get an e-mail alert to sell.

Can It Really Be That Profitable?

Again, in a word, yes. Here are some actual profits taken by our members:

  • Members were told to buy contracts on a Chinese energy company for $700. Thirty-four days later, they were told to sell them for $1,040. That’s a $340 — or 49 percent — gain!
  • Members bought contracts on a deepwater energy driller for $180. Thirty-five days later, they sold them for $530. That’s a $350 — or 194 percent — gain!
  • Members bought contracts on a big copper company for $470. Seven days later, the contacts automatically sold for $940. That’s a $470 — or 100 percent — gain!
  • Members jumped into contracts on a pharmaceutical stock for $110. Four days later, they sold them for $270. That’s a $160 — or 145 percent — gain in four days!
  • Members bought contracts on a discount drug maker for $85. Seven days later, they automatically sold them for $170. That’s an $85 — or 100 percent — gain!
  • Members bought contracts on an emerging market for $365. Twenty-one days later, they automatically sold them for $730. That’s a $365 — or 100 percent — gain!

How Is This Possible?

Instead of buying the underlying stock, you’re buying an options contract. That’s really all there is to it. Investing through options gives you more bang for your buck. And, amazingly, it also limits your downside.

So What’s the Problem?

For many investors, just the word “options” conjures up visions of sophisticated software programs and carpal tunnel syndrome. Not to mention having to learn a whole new language (“strike price,” “in the money,” “out of the money,” etc., etc.).

The prospect of triple-digit profits is obviously attractive. But they figure this is a strategy they just don’t have the time to master. They’re right.

It takes years to develop the trading acumen necessary to deliver the types of returns that this service targets. And Ted Peroulakis, our options guru, has paid his dues. Ted has worked for some of the biggest names on Wall Street, including Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney. A millionaire himself (many times over), he has been successfully guiding investors for over 15 years.

Why Options?

In a conversation I had with Ted earlier this week, he made four key points about options:

  • Affordability. With options, you can control a stock for pennies on the dollar.
  • Profit potential. A stock might go up 10 percent while, at the same time, the option (on the same stock) could go up 100 percent.
  • Limited exposure. When you buy an option, you know exactly what your downside risk is.
  • You can profit in any type of market. The right option can be profitable whether the market rises, falls, or stays the same.

Why Now?

It’s too late to go back to March ’09 and enjoy the 70+ percent gains we’ve seen in the market since then. A similar move over the next year would take the Dow to 18,700. Ain’t gonna happen.

Smaller moves are the order of the day. But small moves can translate into big gains with options.

For example, in a trade made just last week, Ted recommended call options on Chevron. The stock moved up 5 percent. The options increased 31 percent over the same time frame. And you didn’t need big bucks to get this return. One contract cost just $340 and 28 days later was worth $445.

Why Now, Part II

Ted says that he’s getting great prices for these options, better than just a few months ago and much better than a year ago. For stocks and for options, the name of the game is to buy low. Ted believes these low prices are going to last at least until the end of the year. “The market,” he says, “is setting up perfectly for the kind of investing I do.”

Why Now, Part III

It’s not uncommon for some options to go up 500 percent or more during earnings season. Ted has identified several candidates that are capable of these kinds of three-digit gains. And he’s planning on putting out a recommendation on one of them next week — right before they report on their earnings. If it goes the way he expects, the option could surge overnight.

This is the only investment strategy I’m aware of that can produce these types of returns for investors who like making serious money but don’t want to risk a fortune to do so. If you’re interested in this simple big-profit strategy, click here to learn more about Ted’s Options Power Trader service.