The “Be Here NOW” Success Technique

Recently I observed a training session for one of my business clients. When a couple of the attendees started goofing around, Lisa, the woman running the session, raised her voice and said: “People – this was paid for by your employer. You are on company time, and I intend to maximize the use of that short time we have together. So please work with me and be here now!”

“Be here now.” That phrase – referring to the awareness of not only being in the moment but staying in the moment over an extended period of time, free of distractions – struck me as being very much in tune with the overall goal achieving process.

Here’s how to apply it to your goals:

Rule #1. Concentrate on defining your objective.

What do you want to accomplish? What matters to you? Why do you want to achieve that particular goal?

Rule #2. Concentrate on one part of your goal at a time.

Break down your ultimate goal into smaller chunks. Keeping on eye on the big picture is great. However, you have to focus on the individual steps that will get you there.

Rule #3. Concentrate on controlling your situation.

When focusing on those individual steps, control your natural tendencies (we all have them) to drift away from the task at hand and/or stop trying if it becomes too challenging or takes too long.

Rule #4. Concentrate on completion.

To achieve any goal, you have to make a commitment to reach the finish line. Strengthen your resolve and keep yourself motivated by visualizing the end result – how excited you’ll be and how great you’ll feel when you reap the rewards of your hard work.

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