That was then… this is now

Those who knew Brian Edmondson eight or nine years ago are probably the ones most shocked by his success.

He was laid off from a Wall Street job soon after the 9/11 tragedy. He started a string of failed business ventures, including a grocery store in Florida. He was in the management training program (not all it’s cracked up to be) at Walmart – working as a cashier many nights. And his personal finances were in shambles.

That was then.

These days, Brian makes a six-figure income working from home for himself and on his own terms. He is a sought-after speaker at seminars and conferences around the country. He partners with the top names in his industry. I could go on…

But I’d rather tell you how Brian did it.

He learned the real, sustainable way to make money online.

His method is not one of those one-trick pony systems you may have seen out there. It’s not creating AdSense websites, multilevel marketing, eBay selling, blogging, or any of the dozens of other “instant” online money-making opportunities you’ve seen hyped in ads and on TV.

It’s a program modeled on the success of Internet-based companies like Early to Rise and Agora Inc. It builds a solid foundation for a business that lasts.

Brian isn’t a guru who has made money only by teaching people how to make money online. He was in the trenches, started out in your shoes. He was a beginner with no skills or abilities in online business. And he made it happen because he found a formula and learned from mentors who helped him make it work.

Brian refined that formula into his own program, Internet Power Coaching. It works for you because it shows you exactly how he achieved his success – minus the trial and error. So your success will be much faster.

Plus, he makes it super-easy for you to follow along. You’re looking over his shoulder as he walks you through each and every step to building a profitable online business.

You see every click of the mouse that you need to make to:

  • Build a website (a lot easier than you think)
  • Send massive amounts of traffic to your site (all potential customers)
  • Grow a list of e-mail subscribers (the lifeblood of your new business)
  • Market to those subscribers for maximum profit (They’ll be eager to buy from you because they’re prequalified.)

Julie Broad is one of Brian’s students. And by her third month, she had made $5,000 using Brian’s method.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you all the details on Julie’s story – and show you how you could do the same.