Tap Into the World’s Best Ideas

Many, if not most, successful people attribute a share of their success to the books they read. To keep my mind bubbling with good ideas, I read one business or self-help book every week.

I don’t read these books cover to cover. I use a speed-reading program I devised several years ago. I’m searching for one or two good ideas in each one — ideas that will make me healthier, wealthier, and/or wiser. When I find those ideas I write them in a journal I keep on my computer. I suggest you do the same.

After a while, you may feel that you’ve run out of good books. When that happens, here’s how to bolster your reading list: Ask for recommendations from people you respect. Ask your smart friends and successful colleagues what they’ve enjoyed. Ask them about the books that have made the biggest differences in their lives.

Try it now. Think of someone you like and admire — someone who knows something you don’t or can do something that impresses you. Send an e-mail or call and simply ask, “Can you recommend a good nonfiction book?”

He or she will be flattered, and will almost certainly come up with several titles for you.

  • Kelli

    My question is – what’s next? I’m very good at keeping notes on good ideas that I read, saving articles that inspire me… but that’s where it ends. What does Michael do with his journal of great ideas on the computer? Does he read through it every so often to see what idea he can work on next? Or does the act of writing it down imprint it in his mind to come out again when needed?