Steve Jobs’s Lesson on How to Be More Charismatic

be more charismatic

One simple mindset shift can make you more charismatic.

A reporter once asked Freddie Mercury why he thought his band Queen was so successful?

Calmly, Mercury replied, “The reason we’re successful darling? My overall charisma, of course.”

In every workplace.. social scene.. city… there are people who seem to have it all:

The popularity, the recognition, the prestige. Doors magically open for them in all kinds of life-changing ways.

But what if you could become more charismatic with the flip of a switch?

My experience coaching more than 100,000 men and women in over 110 countries have proven to me, beyond a shadow a doubt, that you can. I’ll show you how now.

Let’s start with a peek into the life of Steve Jobs…

A man many call the the most charismatic of the 21st century.

Barely a month before the first iPhone was set to release in 2007, a frustrated Steve Jobs summoned his senior team.

Steve had been carrying around a prototype iPhone for a few weeks. With his team assembled, he pulled the prototype out of his pocket and pointed at the dozens of scratches on his plastic screen.

People would carry their phone in their pockets, he said. They’d have keys and other things in there. And those things would scratch the screen.

Steve wanted something more elegant than plastic. He wanted glass.

Of course, it had to be strong glass that wouldn’t scratch or easily crack, so Jobs got in touch with a CEO who supposedly had just the type of glass Jobs was looking for.

After a week of phone tag, Jobs finally invited this CEO out to Apple headquarters.

The CEO told Jobs about a new type of glass that had taken decades to develop, called Gorilla Glass.

Jobs remained unconvinced, so he started explaining to the CEO how glass is made. As Jobs was drawing away on a whiteboard, the CEO started to get annoyed. Finally, the CEO stood up and said, “Can you shut up for a second and just let me teach you some science?”

Jobs was taken aback. No one spoke to him that way. As he slumped back in his chair, the Corning CEO took his place at the whiteboard and began a lengthy tutorial on the chemistry behind glass.

Once he finished, the first thing Jobs said was, “I want as much Gorilla Glass as you can possibly make in the next six months.”

“We don’t have the capacity for that,” the CEO asserted. “None of our plants even make the glass right now.”

Jobs didn’t panic. He didn’t get angry or discouraged. He simply replied, “Don’t be afraid. You can do this. Get your mind around it. You can do this.”

Of course, the rest is history: the glass is produced, the iPhone explodes into a billion-dollar industry, and the way our species communicates will never be the same again. 

In that make-or-break moment, one of two things could have happened: 

Either the iPhone gets made with Gorilla Glass, or we’re all stuck walking around with super-scratched plastic smartphones.

Jobs wanted glass. Jobs knew he needed glass. And so, Jobs got glass. But how?

By turning on one of the 3 most important Charisma Traits: Certainty.

When this CEO felt uncertain he couldn’t provide the glass needed, Jobs wasn’t fazed.

He locked-in on his own certainty, and then instilled it into his counterpart.

Magic trick? Nope.

Just another day in the office for someone who understood that Charisma is a skill you learn, not a talent you’re born with.

Charisma is a skill you learn, not a talent you’re born with.

With everything we do, we ultimately have a choice: We can do it with certainty, or uncertainty.

As a mentor once told me, “Jason, do things with certainty and doors open. Do them with uncertainty, and I swear, knock all you want, but that door will never open for you.”

What does it really mean for us to do things with certainty?

Certainty means you’re not hesitant, not wishy-washy, not unclear.

Instead, everything you do has a certainty to it. When you’re in a business meeting, you’re certain. When you’re having dinner with someone, you’re certain. When you’re walking to lunch, you’re certain.

And if you’re in the business of selling something, whether it be a product, a service, or an idea, your prospects are heavily influenced by this type of certainty.

People are subconsciously attracted to it as well.

There was a fascinating study done on certainty using, all of things, a jaywalker.

They had a guy stand at a busy street corner full of other pedestrians. The idea was to have him jaywalk and observe the reactions of other people.

In the first setup, the guy would stand at the corner and, when no cars were coming, would look once quickly to make sure it was safe, and then walk certainly and confidently across the street.

In the second setup, the guy did the same thing except he hesitated. He put his foot out into the street, but pulled it back. He looked right, then left, then right again. After a few seconds, he finally walked across.

The results of the study were pretty staggering. Seven times as many people followed the guy in the certain, confident walk as opposed to the hesitant walk of the second setup.

Imagine changing one thing and having SEVEN TIMES as many people follow your lead.

As I begin to wrap up, you have a choice now.

You can leave this article like many will, thinking “Oh, that was interesting,” and then return to doing things as you’ve always done them. 

Or you can take action on it. You can move through the world today with more certainty, harnessing more charisma. 

By doing so, you’ll heighten your power to influence and you’ll give others that same gift of unwavering belief Steve Jobs passed on to so many he touched.

The choice, as always, is yours.

About the Author: Jason Capital is a dating coach, millionaire advisor, and Best-Selling Author. His new book, Higher Status: The New Science of Success and Achievement, unveils that the key to winning the game of life isn’t money, a prestigious degree, or even keeping up with the Kardashians. Instead, it’s High Status.