Simplify Your Life – Starting With Your Home

Judy and John are great friends of ours. They are kind and generous people who lead a very rewarding life. But what struck my wife and me when we visited them this summer is how remarkably simple it is.

Their home is tastefully but almost sparsely decorated with quality furniture, a few pieces of just-right art, household necessities, and little more.

The simplicity of Judy and John’s lifestyle made a big impression on us. It was even more striking in contrast to what we witnessed at the next stop on our road trip, the home of two other good friends.

Like Judy and John, Chuck and Laura are kind and generous people, but thousands of trinkets and knick-knacks overpower their home. There is “stuff” everywhere. You can’t even sit down without first moving a pile of something or other.

How does this happen? I can tell you from my own experience…

You begin by shuffling things around to make room for more things. Then you start buying duplicates because you can’t find the originals. (”I know it’s in here somewhere.”) At some point, you get so overwhelmed that you just stop trying to keep everything organized.

You don’t have to live that way.

Here’s how my wife and I got out from under the mess we’d created in our home several years ago…

We sat down and came up with a plan. We would do one room at a time, one each weekend. Anything we hadn’t used recently or that had no sentimental value was fair game. Big items would go to charity or a yard sale. Other things, I’d put up on eBay.

Soon thereafter, shelves and closets were emptied and space began reappearing.

The feeling of freedom was palpable.

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