How to Handle Your Investors’ Money

Many banks and other lenders have overreacted to the sub-prime mortgage scare. As a result, it's tougher than ever for people to get conventional loans. Even investors with spotless credit have to face new roadblocks that can ruin a great real estate opportunity. Over...

The Housing Bust Is Still Kicking

The biggest drag on the stock market this year can be summed up in one word: Housing. And though many gurus are trying to call a bottom in the housing market, they’re dead wrong.

The Best-Laid Plans

As an investor, you’ve done your research. You’ve laid out your plans. But then some outside force comes in and changes everything. What do you do?

Travel Tip: 8 Dollar-Friendly Destinations

Planning a trip on a tight budget? Forget mainland Europe. The strength of the euro will have you spending a fortune on food, lodging, and entertainment. But there are still many dollar-friendly possibilities.

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