The Rental and Sales markets

I’ve advocated buying only cash-flow properties using fixed rate, amortizing loans. But now that you’re in this situation, here are a few things to consider:

Invest Like a Dealmaker

The average investor has the wrong idea about how the stock market works, Mayer says. “He thinks about the price of his stock in terms of its quoted stock price. But even then… he often misunderstands what that price represents.”

Hillbama Magic

Politicians are always cautious about raising taxes too fast, for fear of inciting the masses. After all, a revolt could result in their failure to be reelected

Worth Their Weight in Gold

Everyone’s heard about oil going over $100 a barrel recently. Getting less publicity is the dramatic bull market in precious metals. Year to date, gold is up almost 17 percent and silver is up almost 37 percent.

A New-Exurb Real Estate Wealth Plan

A recent trend in real estate investing is toward smaller homes and apartments in the “new exurbs” – and that’s where your real estate money should be invested.

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