Measuring Social Media

If you’re an online marketer or publisher, chances are you’re well aware of the power of social media optimization (SMO). If you’re new to the world of Internet marketing, you’ll be interested to know that this breakthrough method is a truly inexpensive (practically free) way to create buzz about your products, increase traffic to your site, build trust about your company, and boost your sales.

Profits by Mail

It’s so irritating to pay a late fee when you return a rental movie a day (or 30 days) late. Was anyone else really trying to rent Gigli during the two extra days I held on to it? Not likely. So why should I pay a fine when the movie was just going to sit on a shelf?

Follow the Cash

If you can’t turn on the lights, you can’t make money. That’s the dark reality of a company unable to pay its bills. And without cash lubricating an economy, businesses dry up. I saw it happen in Asia (where I did a lot of business as CEO of a trading company) in the late 1990s. One by one, Asian currencies came under attack by aggressive currency traders. Local currencies quickly sank to one-half to one-fifth of their previous values.

Current Market Conditions Shouldn’t Stop You

Seven years ago, the real estate market where I live – the west coast of Canada – was in a serious slump. Crushed by the Asian crisis of the late 1990s, the Greater Vancouver area just couldn’t seem to rally back. Houses languished on the market, and often slipped into foreclosure. Price reductions were the norm. It was a tough time.

Feeling the Pinch – and How to Pinch Back

So are you feeling the pinch these days?

When the economy slides like it has over the last year or so, the knee-jerk reaction is to tighten the belt. Business owners look at the bottom line, see what’s not absolutely necessary, and get rid of it.

Are You Resilient Enough?

With the economy failing, companies making cutbacks, and your financial future at stake, you might be feeling pretty grim. But don’t even think about throwing in the towel. There are lots of opportunities out there – opportunities to make loads of money and put more happiness and love back in your life.

How to Find the Jingle Bell Spirit

I used to gripe about the “inconvenience” of the holiday season. Too often, I felt that my work goals suffered because people I needed to get in touch with were simply not available. It sometimes seemed like everyone I wanted to talk to was taking a long lunch break to do Christmas shopping or had left work early to get ready for an office Christmas party.

Robert Ringer and The Great Bailout Stall

Robert Ringer addressed the recent rush of government bailouts in his article “The Great Bailout Stall.” His disparagement of the bailouts – and his own practical solution for America’s financial ills – got quite a response from ETR readers. Here are a few of their comments:

Economy and Markets Often Go Separate Ways

Since we’ve had negative S&P 500 growth in every quarter of our current recession – which began a year ago this month – it may seem that a falling economy is always accompanied by a falling stock market. But this is not true.

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