Is It Time to Buy Real Estate Yet?

Real estate prices are down substantially, and many foreclosures and short sale opportunities are out there for the picking. We are certainly in a buyer’s market. But is this the time to buy? Or will prices head even lower?

Overcoming Customer’s Price Objections

Let’s say you’re a roofing salesman and you get a call from a homeowner who’s concerned about a leak in her ceiling. You do an inspection and realize that what she needs is a $500 repair. But $500 is a lot of money. So, to convince her to do it, you might use a persuasion technique called “perceptual contrasts.” You’ve probably read about it in ETR.

Hotel Insider Reveals How to Snag the Best Deals

Over the past 14 years, Wendy G. has worked her way up from hotel front desks to operations and beyond. She’s trained hotel reservationists to negotiate prices… and she knows better than anyone how to work the system.

You Are Not a Loser!

I recently let my guard down and let my wife talk me into making one of my rare visits to a nearby shopping mall – one of my least favorite places. The place was mobbed, as though people were determined to have one last go at the good life, perhaps sensing that shopping malls might soon be turned into homeless shelters. I watched with great interest as people stood in long lines to pay for the on-sale merchandise they clutched tightly in their arms.

A Guilty Glance Inside Your Prospect’s Bedroom

Right now, our prospective customers are experiencing some of the most intense and contradictory emotions they’ve had in their entire lives. The saner ones blame their financial problems on decisions made by the White House, Congress, the Treasury, and the Fed for the last couple of decades. Others – those with a more tenuous grip on reality – blame “those greedy bankers” for having the unmitigated gall to actually approve every loan and credit card application they ever submitted.

Wasting Time and Money With Customer Service

My cellphone plan includes free text messaging. But on last month’s bill, there was a charge for two of the dozens of messages I sent – for a total of about 50 cents.I called the company and, as you might expect, spent an hour or so on hold, being transferred, and explaining my gripe to a succession of reps.When I hung up, it occurred to me: That hour of my time could have been much better spent.

Get Your Biggest Tax Refund Ever

Tax planning effectively and immediately reduces your tax burden. It lifts a load from your shoulders and lets you enjoy more of the money you’re earning.

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